Inference-based Questions Asked in SBI PO/Clerk Mains: 7th August 2018

Dear Aspirants, 

As we all know, SBI is the trendsetter, so it did the same this time too. Many aspirants who have appeared in the Mains level of SBI, they witnessed that this year too they had to come across with many questions based on the new pattern. Thus, here we are, with a quiz based on the questions of the latest pattern which will pace up your preparation for upcoming bank exams. 

Directions Q.(1-15): In each of the questions given below, a passage has been given which are either situational based or describes a scenario. Below each passage, a question has been given which is framed to make you infer something out of it. Mark out the correct inference as your answer. 

Q1. Radha needs to shift to the new area because of the commutation issues. She wants an apartment near to her office but she is in trouble. The accommodation she is looking for is not up to the mark. She needs to shift in a studio apartment because of her privacy concerns. But at the same time she doesn’t want to spend that much amount which is needed to get her requirements fulfilled. She is thus taking a lot of time in getting settled to a new place. What can be inferred from this scenario of her decision making?

‘Perplexed' because if Radha is facing commutation issues, she should shift to the nearer place which will obvious be higher than the rent she is paying currently but as she is thinking a lot about the migration and can’t take decisions because of the financial issues, she is proved to be a perplexed or confused person

Q2. Sarveshram is the managing director of a Hindus Corps. Pvt. Ltd. This is the third year of his tenure and he has gained a lot of expertise but the company is forcing him to change his department in which he would be having a complete new experience of the IT along with a decent increment in his salary. He is now ready to switch to the other department because of the increment. Which quality do you see in Sarveshram?

‘Money-minded’ as Sarveshram is ready to switch in new department and leave the expertise and experience he has gained in the past three years.

Q3. Miss Sheoran had a bakery from which a customer had been buying stale loaves. She thought him to be a poverty-stricken, struggling artist and wanted to help him out. One day when he came for his stale loaf, she secretly cut the crust and put in some butter. This man had been working on a plan for a new theatre in the city and had finally inked the drawing. He would use breadcrumbs to erase the pencil marks. Miss Sheoran ruined his plans and his chances by cutting the bread crumbs. Which quality can depict the behavior of Miss Sheoran?

‘Generous’ because Miss Sheoran has removed the bread crumbs and applied the butter for the sake of the struggling and poverty-stricken artist.

Q4. Shri Rameshwaram Reddy owns a country house which he is afraid to rent out, fearing weak foundations. An enemy, who is not aware of this, burns the house down. The owner is able to obtain compensation through his fire insurance. What term will you use for the whole scenario happened with the owner of the country?
No-win situation
A bolt from blue
The fortune stroke of serendipity
A blessing in disguise
A chicken and egg problem

‘A blessing in disguise’ because the act of burning the house has made a compensation to the owner who was about to sell it.

Q5. An employee named Aman in a government ministry wants to impress his girlfriend with his diplomatic status, so he removes some top secret documents from the office safely. That night, the ministry is raided by spies and the authorities assuming that the young man somehow knew about the raid and had removed the documents to safeguard them. He is ultimately congratulated. What can be inferred from the passage?
People should take random steps like this so as to be famous
An expression of cleverness can sometimes be an outcome of someone’s failure
Good things happen to the bad people
Cruel people are more likely to escape from the dangers
Absurdity resides inside every human but it totally depends on the spectators how they judge that absurd person

‘Good things happen to the bad people’ because Aman wanted to impress his girlfriend for which he removed the documents from his office, but as the raid conducted and the credit of such raid had been given to him, it was something good that happened to a bad person.

Q6. Raman had to reach to the studio early on his first day of the shoot. He was in hurry. On his way to studio he met with an abandoned child. The child was begging before him when he was about to leave after getting the green signal of the traffic lights but owing to generosity he couldn’t able to leave from there. He thought of helping the child and asked about his parents but the child was an orphan. Raman was in dilemma now. He took the child to the orphanage and got him admitted there and then left for his work. He got very much late after doing so. What would you infer about Raman’s behavior from the above given scenario?

‘Helping’ because Raman has given priority to the need of the child.

Q7. The Mcvities decides to get into the prison to avoid the winter chill. During the day, he does various things that could get him arrested, but they are all in vain. As evening approaches, he comes to a cathedral where organ music is being played. The music stirs in him boyhood ideals and aspirations, so he decides to give up his current life for a more constructive and purposeful one. Unfortunately, at that exact moment, a policeman arrests him for loitering. What could you infer from the present scenario?
Got a raw deal
Extending the olive branch
Method to someone’s madness
It is better to try than to sit idol
The thought is better than the reality

‘The thought is better than the reality’ as when Mcvities decided to give up his life for the sake of something good, his long-awaited desired which he was ready to shun fulfilled.

Q8. Imagine that a murderer hoists his victim onto a chandelier to make it appear that she had hanged herself, but he forgets to place a chair beneath it. What would you depict about the murderer’s qualities?
He was a bit conservative personality
He made a plan but without any reasoning
He was actually trying to help the other person but failed due to the negligence
He was a person, who having overcome major obstacles, is undone by something trivial
He revoked the action performed by him because he was guilty later on

‘He was a person, who having overcome major obstacles, is undone by something trivial’ because the efforts in the end went vain.

Q9. In the famous story, "The Gift of the Magi," by the master of irony, O Henry, a poor couple wishes to give each other Christmas gifts. The loving wife cuts off her long hair to buy her husband a chain for his watch. The husband sells his watch to buy her tortoise shell combs for her. What kind of trait both husband and wife had for each other?

‘Expiatory’ means sacrificial. Both the partners sacrificed for each other which was very much soothing for each other.

Q10. Passers-by from another region are dying of thirst in a desert. Their vehicle enters into another zone of the desert, but they don’t realize that there is a fresh water estuary in that zone from which they can drink. The passers-by are………?

‘Overlookers’ because the passers-by didn’t realize the ultimate source of the estuary and their peace was very much near to them.

Q11. Hema is a digital venture at its heart. It includes a traditional supermarket, but the locations also fulfill online grocery orders and offer restaurants. The Hema app, which connects to a customer’s Alipay account, is the glue that holds all the different elements together. What would you infer from the above given information?
Hema is an app launched by the government officials
Hema is an app launched to regulate all the securities listed on the SEBI
Hema is to speed-up the transactions performed in the supermarkets
There will be a robust platform for the faster implementation of the policies regarding the capital and money market
None of the above

None of the above

Q12. Forty-year-old Praveen, though never a gym rat, had always been into sports. He played table tennis at the State level and squash and badminton too. His sister Sunitha, on the other hand, would always shy away from sports. She would always have some excuse up her sleeve to get out of playing any kind of sports. What can be inferred about the Sunitha’s passions?
She has bigger dreams
She is a high-class woman and very much successful in her career
She is a bit shy for sports and far away from being called as the gym rat
(d) She loves her brother too much that for him, she sacrifices for her dreams
(e) She is too much selective when it comes to the matter of the sports

‘She is a bit shy for sports and far away from being called as the gym rat’ as comparing to her brother, she was completely an opposite personality.

Q13. A girl pretends to be recklessly decadent in order to please a recklessly decadent man. But her effort is futile because he falls in love with an innocent, simple girl. What can be said about the man to whom the girl loved?
None of the above
All of the above

None of the above

Q14. Seriously, though, while studying for my MA in Liberal Arts, I was lucky enough to take a great class in Gothic fiction and learn about its roots and its basic elements. You may be surprised to find that while it’s easy to come up with ideas, it’s hard to find enough time to write them all down. What is the author’s opinion about methods of learning the art of analyzing ideas?
He thinks that coming up with it is the only challenge that one has to face
The success lies in easily coming up with ideas along with finding time to write them down
The only problem associated with while analyzing the ideas is that people don’t want to find time for writing them and then memorizing it
It is hard to believe that people are very much weak in analyzing the minute things related to the every aspect of life
None of the above

‘The success lies in easily coming up with it along with the finding time to write them down’ is the only method described about the art of analyzing ideas given in the passage.

Q15. A hiker is trapped in a freak snowstorm but finds shelter in an old cave. As the weeks pass, he grows hungry. Water is not a problem, but he is a meat eater and he begins to look at his lower leg. "There's a lot of good muscle on the lower leg." He draws out his knife and prepares to do what's necessary to survive. What can be inferred about the whole scenario from the above given passage?
The hiker was a cannibal and didn’t left with any mercy for himself because of the starvation
There was no other option the hiker was left with except eating his own flesh
The hiker was a person with the skills of surviving without water
The hiker was the only person who had been to that old cave
Both (a) & (b)

Both (a) & (b) as the hiker was a flesh eater and ready to eat his own flesh because of the starvation.


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