Essay Writing Contest: We Got The Winners.

Dear Aspirants,


Adda247 conducted an essay writing contest on the 12th of June, in which students participated with great enthusiasm as we expect from our hard-working, dedicated aspirants. We got such a great response from all of you that it was difficult to choose. But when it comes to checking, we followed the strict guidelines which are generally followed by the exam taking organizations. We kept in mind that the sentences were grammatically correct. The essay was in the word limit and there was no plagiarism.

We are announcing the names of the three winners who stood out with there writing skills and were precise when it came to following the rules.

 1. Kishlay Verma
 2. Mahesh Narayanan
 3. Rahul Mitra

We are sharing the article that was written by Kishlay so that you can understand the pattern and language that should be kept in mind while writing an essay in the word limit.

Those who are not mentioned today, shouldn't be disappointed. There's always a second chance. And you should evaluate where did you lack. Give more attention to grammar as a language is nothing if not grammatically correct.

Stay tuned for the next writing competition, we will declare it soon.

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