5 Mistakes Aspirants Need to Look Out For in Preparation Phase

1. Do you just study what you like? Well, that’s the first mistake most students make!
Yes, we know you like to start with the subject you are strong in, planning to finish it off first and get over with one subject from the 3 Reasoning, English and Quant and then thinking of taking up the other two. But is that really a good plan? Recruiters in Banking Sector are not looking for masters in English or Quant, you have to be reasonably good in all the subjects not only these 3 but also General Awareness and Computers to pass and get through all the phases of the recruitment process. 
If you are good in Quantitative Aptitude and puzzled with Reasoning then devote more time to the weaker subject and practice all the subjects daily to get a good hold on them. 
2. Don’t get influenced by other’s judgment
Is that noisy neighbour or relative bothering you in making a decision for your own good? Well, then you shouldn’t be influenced in a negative way from anyone. Be determined and understand that each and every person is different; no one plan can be the ultimate and divine success mantra for all. People might judge you, impose their perceptions but you have to choose ultimately what to do and what not to do!
Decide your goal and plan your strategy according to your strength and weakness, choose smart work. Divide your course of the day to accordingly to study every subject and subsequently strengthen your weaker section. If you are determined and you say ‘I will’ then you’ll surely get selected in a recruitment process in 2018, it’s one’s own self that keeps us from moving ahead, and if you are determined and dedicated to work nothing can stop you.
3. Do you think that just understanding concepts and learning methodology is all that you need to do? Wait, what about real time practice, don’t skip onto the most important part.
Yes, it is very important to understand rules and concepts of English and Reasoning; learn formulas and practice Quant, but that is not all. Every aspirant must understand that banking examination is about time and topic management. As far as the preliminary examination for IBPS is concerned you’ll have 100 questions for just 60 minutes. Practically not even 1 minute per question, in those 60 minutes you’ll have to be accurate in marking answers to avoid deduction of marks and choose what to attempt and what to leave.  Real time practice of examination is the most important phase in preparation for any banking exam you are aiming at. Time to time you can give speed tests and test yourself, see where you stand in the competition and after analysis, improvise subsequently.

4. Are you buried under a dome preparing day-in-day-out for Govt. Job Exams? That is not good at all Pay attention to your mind, body and soul.
Don’t give up your sleep for studying. Extensive preparation, studying and not paying attention to your health is not a good idea. If you’ll be fit and healthy it will ultimate help you in staying more enthusiastic for your goal and study in a better and more effective way. Make a morning routine, go for a walk and refresh yourself to have a good start of the day. You can meditate to channelise your energy to focus on your goal and plan the day, what you’ll be studying, what will be your target for today? These small goals will ultimately help you become successful. Adopt a holistic approach focusing on the nourishment of your mind, body and soul. 
5. Feeling nervous for Exams!… Never lose your confidence
No matter what, never lose your will, determination and confidence. Hurdles, obstacles will be in your way but your confidence is the ultimate resource that will keep you going. There is nothing to get panicked about; you can get selected in a recruitment process this year if you adopt the right approach. Think of what you missed last year, why weren’t you able to get through and improvise in these two and half months. Be confident and Study with a proper approach and you can be Probationary Officer in Banking Sector in 2018.