5 Tips and Tricks To Solve New Pattern Cloze Test

How to solve Cloze Test Questions?

IBPS RRB, IBPS PO, and other insurance exams are around the corner with preparations in full force. We have observed that although candidates are well prepared for GA, quant and reasoning section, they face difficulty in clearing sectional cutoff for English/Verbal Section of these exams. CLOZE TEST in such case can be a great scoring opportunity for any candidate appearing in Govt. job exam as it is asked in the majority of banking recruitment exams for testing language proficiency.The best part about it is that it does not require cramming any formulae or learning many rules.

Take a look at how you can solve English cloze test to excel in Banking exams.
Here are FIVE important tips and tricks to solve new pattern cloze test:
1.Take a bird’s eye view:  Read the entire passage to get a rough idea about the overall theme and direction of the passage.
2.Understand the tone of discussion: ( Jubilant, livid, lamenting, ambivalent, awed) This will help you eliminate 50% of the irrelevant options. 
3.Eliminate with care:  Select the word type and options that fall outside the scope of discussion  that should be eliminated.
4.Take help of prepositions: The knowledge of how prepositions are used will surely come handy. There are times when looking at preposition alone can fetch you a good score in cloze test.
5.Look at what comes before and after: It is always advised to look at the sentences that come before and after the sentence that has blank in it. By doing so, quite often you will get a confirmation or some sort of clue regarding the most appropriate word to fill.
Now look at this example: 
……(1)…… (Although)stringent anti-pollution laws, mass awareness levels in India about the need to ……(2)……(pollute) the environment are low. Which is ……(3)…… (because) many people insist that mere laws won’t do: what we ……(4)……(seldom) need are “environment conscious” citizens. 
Follow the tips mentioned above:
1.observe the tone of the paragraph
2.Eliminate irrelevant /alien options
3.look for prepositions if any
4.For further confirmation, look at what comes before and after
Now look at the options given below and complete the cloze test.
(a) Despite
(b) Having
(c) Enacting
(d) Adopting
(e) No change 

(a) Contaminate
(b) clear
(c) filter
(d) protect
(e) No change 

(a) resulting
(b) why
(c) obvious
(d) as
(e) No change 

(a) actually
(b) don’t
(c) hardly
(d) perfectly
(e) No change 
Check your answers:
S1. Ans.(a)
Sol. The passage should start with a negative conjunction as the succeeding phrases denote that ‘mass awareness levels are low even though we have strict laws’. Hence, Option A is correct.
S2. Ans.(d)
Sol. Option E and A are eliminated because from the sentence this is understood that there are stringent pollution laws and even though we have laws, we couldn’t secure the environment. Option D is correct as the sentence can be read as ‘need t protect the environment are low’.  
S3. Ans.(b)
Sol. Option B is the correct choice. Between ‘why’ and ‘because’, because can be eliminated as it is used as a negative conjunction. Hence option B is the correct choice.
S4. Ans.(a)
Sol. B, C can be eliminated as they give negative connotation when substituted in the given context. Between A and D, option ‘A’, ‘actually’, fits right into the sentence and can be read as ‘what we actually need is the environment, conscious citizens. Hence, A. 
Practice here: New pattern cloze test
Hope you found the above post useful. Remember to tell us how many answers you got correct and did the above tips and tricks on cloze passage helped you understand and solve the problem easily.

In case, you have any queries, please do share and we would be happy to address the same. Stay tuned with bankers Adda and practice new pattern cloze test questions.

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