Bank of Baroda PO 2017 GD and Interview Experience 2

Dear Readers,
I am sharing my interview and group discussion experience with you all, hoping that it might help you get to know the process better. I was really excited after clearing the online exam and being selected for the interview and GD Process. My venue was Jaipur.

Interview Details
Date:10 July 2017
Place- BOB Zonal Office, Jaipur
Time – 2:00 pm

Group Discussion

I reached at 1:00 PM there, and started with my doc verification at 1:30 pm. At 3:30 PM we all were called for GD session. The panel of 4 people (3 M and 1 F). We were 16 candidates in the group and all were from ST Category because GD & Interview was going category wise. We had been given the topic “How to Improve Customer Service?”
We all had been given 2 min. to write our points about it and then we all started putting our points one by one. They had given 20 min to discuss the topic. Some candidates started in English but after 3-4 candidates, remaining started and discussed in Hindi and English mixed. After Completion of  20 min only 10 students could speak, 6 were not able to speak and express their views. Then Interview Panel Asked them individually to express their views on the topic. Then panel asked one of us to conclude the topic. All in all, it was a healthy discussion.

Personal Interview

At 4:30 pm, they informed us that PI is going to start now… I was the 5th in queue to get interviewed. I was feeling the excitement & was also a little bit nervous as it was my first banking interview.
Interview Panel: (3 men,1 women). Entered around 5.30 PM
My turn came, I asked.. May I come in Sir??
M1 (Center): Yes Please..
Me: Thank You and Moved in.. Stood near chair and greeted everyone with Good
  Evening ma’am , Good Evening Sir ( With Smile).
M1(mam) : So, .. What did you do in you Graduation ??..
Me: Integrated Post Graduation in Information Technology (IT).
M2: Where from you??
Me : replied
M1(mam): in Hindi … To campus placement ke liye companies bhi Aaayi Hogi Aapke institute me???
Me : Yes mam, but I wasn’t selected on the campus placement as I was not much interested in Computer Programming and I also wanted to do govt job in banking sector.
M2: You have done B.Tech + M.Tech in IT, then why didn’t you join any private company and you could also start a Startups.

Me :   now I was nervous….told them…as I was not much interested in Computer programming so i wanted to do govt job and Banking sector is a sector which provides an opportunity to enhance my leadership skills and Customers Interaction Skills. Now a days IT is major role in Banking Sector so I want to apply those skills in Banking Sector.

M2: If you want use IT skills then there is IBPS SO (IT OFFICER) exam , you can enter through that exam, why for Manager post in bank…answer us from your Heart do not give that Standard Answer????
Me : what they wanted to hear from me I could not find……I replied and relate to banking Sector and tried to convince them and discussed around 6-7 minutes only on why basically you want to join bank. 
M3 : where from u came here??
Me: replied
M2 : tell me about your place , Famous about your place??
Me ; replied with history , Famous Project , Dams, Nickname etc.
M3: What your Father’s Profession?
Me: Replied.
M2: ok thank you….Aap ja sakte ho.
Me : thank you Sir and returned.
Interview end!!!!
Basically Interview Experience was good but they Didn’t Ask any banking question and why …I don’t know. Every Candidate had Interviewed for 10-12 min and most of them did’t face any banking question..only personal question..that was biggest surprise of BOB. One thing was good that BOB zoanl office served us Tea and Biscuits as breakfast. The panel was very humble and was talking in Hindi.
Anyway, interview experience was good and I think they only wanted to know that why you want to go in bank….that’s it. Overall I felt it was okay-okay performance. Selection in BOB will depend on written marks and Interview, GD was average. I request you all that don’t keep anything in your mind, Go free, tell whatever comes to your mind at first instant. They can easily understand if you are trying to make up things. They were noting how fast and how truly you are answering for question. Relax, Go and talk just how you talk to your friends. You will rock it…and all engineering students should be prepared to answer this question “why you want to join bank after or M .Tech?”
To all my friends, I would like to suggest that they asked questions from our replies. So be prepared, whatever you will answered they will pick questions from your answer itself. All The Best!!
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