Bank of Baroda PO 2017 GD and Interview Experience 6


Bank of Baroda GD & Interview Experience of Juhi Beohar.
My interview was held on 15/07/2017 at Bhopal. I had to there at 9:30 am but I reached at 9 ‘o clock. It started with the document verification and biometric that was easily done and I was free with this at around 10 o’clock. Then the panel members came and GD started at 11.
The topic was “should ministers quit their original profession”. Before GD they gave us the topic and 2 minutes time to write points about the topic and then GD started. It all went well and when 2 minutes were left, a bell rang for the conclusion. Also, they made a batch of 9 students and made us sit in a straight line instead of a U shaped table. So it felt quite difficult to look at a student who was sitting in the corner but since everyone was participating in the GD, it all went well. My suggestion is that please give chance to others to speak. I had many points to tell but I didn’t get a chance to speak, somebody would interrupt every time I tried to.
At 11.45 interview started and my turn came at around 12: 20 pm. There were 5 members in the panel, a lady, and 4 gents. I entered the room by taking their permission, greeted everyone and said thank you as they offered me a seat. There was no introduction, no general questions like hobbies, family background or anything. It started as:

M1: so you are from computer science branch ??
Me: yes sir.
M1: you know dandakaranya?
Me: (as he was from South, his accent made it difficult for me to understand what he said, so I requested him to repeat the question) tell a little bit about it.
M1: what is hi- Fi?
Me: told.
M1: do u have an FB account?
Me: yes sir.
M1: which new feature is added to it on 1 May 2017
Me.: Told.
M1: what is the lending rate in agriculture?
Me: I told it is 18 %.
M1: and how it is categorized?
Me: told.
M2: he asked me a name ( something like Lieu ) and asked who is he?
Me: I have read about something about him but I can’t remember.
M2: what is a cheque bounce?
Me: explained it with an example and he was satisfied.
M2: asked me about kisaan vikaas patra. Who issued it and how?
Me: told.
F1: what is the meaning of your name?
Me: told.
F1: Bay of Bengal is in which state?
Me: It is an independent sea. ( I think it is in liquid state would be the answer).
M3: who won this year’s sportsperson of the year award?
Me: gave the answer.
M3: so you are from computer science. what is a shell?
Me: I explained but I think he was not fully satisfied with my answer.
M4: Have you heard about Mr. Arvind Adiga?
Me: I didn’t know about him so I said sorry sir, I don’t know. ( He was the author of a famous book, white tiger).
M5: He asked me a situational question. Which 3 things do you want to carry with you if you forcefully sent to a lonely island.
Me: tricky one but I managed.
M5: OK you can go
Me: thank you sir. have a nice day and I leave.
So this was my experience about the interview . 
Thank you…
Juhi Beohar

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