Banking and Financial Awareness for RBI/IBPS Exams

Q1. Which of the following organisations is known as the market regulator in India?
(a) IBA 
(b) SEBI
(c) AMFI 
(d) NSDL
(e) None of the above

Q2. Very often we read in the newspapers about various measures taken up to control the flow of the capital in the Indian markets. Who amongst the following is/are the regulators who can control the flow of the same in India? 
(1) Indian Bank’s Association
(2) RBI
(3) SEBI
(a) Only (1) 
(b) Only (2)
(c) Only (3) 
(d) Both (2) & (3)
(e) Both (1) & (2)
Q3. Interest on Savings deposit nowadays is _____________. 
(a) Fixed by RBI
(b) Fixed by the respective Banks
(c) Fixed by the Depositors
(d) Fixed as per the contract between Bank and the Consumer Court
(e) Not paid by the Bank

Q4. The Holidays for the Banks are declared as per _________. 
(a) Reserve Bank Act
(b) Banking Regulation Act
(c) Negotiable Instruments Act
(d) Securities and Exchange Board of India Act
(e) Companies Act
Q5. Equity schemes managed strong NAV gains which boost their assets’ was a new in some financial newspapers. What is the full form of NAV used as in above headlines?
(a) Nill Accounting Variation
(b) Net Accounting Venture
(c) Net Asset Value
(d) New Asset Venture
(e) None of the above
Q6. Which of the following is not a function of the RBI? 
(a) Maintaining Forex
(b) Deciding Bank Rate, CRR and SLR from time to time
(c) Opening Savings Accounts for general public
(d) Prescribing the Capital Adequancy Ratio
(e) Currency Management
Q7. The names of which of the following rates/ratios cannot be seen in financial newspapers? 
(a) Bank Rate
(b) Repo Rate
(c) Statutory Liquidity Ratio
(d) Cash Reserve Ratio
(e) Pulse Rate
Q8. Ten-rupee notes contain the signature of…………….?
(a) Finance Secretary, GOI
(b) Chairman, State Bank of India
(c) Governor, Reserve Bank of India
(d) Finance Minister, GOI
(e) Prime Minister
Q9. Banking and financial services all over the world are regulated usually by the Monetary Authority of the land. Who controls this function in India?
(a) Ministry of Finance
(b) SEBI
(c) RBI
(d) IRDA
Q10. For which of the following reasons RBI has decided to undertake mid-quarter policy reviews? 
(1) To re-align its policies
(2) To take steps and ensure smooth flow of credit
(3) To provide guidance to the economy
(a) Only (1) 
(b) Only (2)
(c) Only (3) 
(d) All (1), (2) & (3)
(e) None of the above
Q11. Banking Sector will fall under which of the following? 
(a) Agricultural Sector 
(b) Service Sector
(c) Manufacturing Sector 
(d) Industrial Sector
(e) None of the above
Q12. Which of the following Acts was framed specially to deal more effectively with the problem of Non- Performing Assets in Banking system?
(b) Banking Regulation Act 
(c) Foreign Exchange Management Act 
(d) Industrial Disputes Act 
(e) None of the above 
Q13. Many Banks these days are entering into business of offering loans against property. This business of the banks can be categorized under which of the following heads of banking?
(a) Corporate Banking 
(b) Personal Banking
(c) Merchant Banking 
(d) Portfolio Management Services 
(e) None of the above 
Q14. “e-stamping” denotes? 
(a) replacement of the traditional system of affixing postal stamps in postal services 
(b) doing away with the need of banks to brand stamps on negotiable instruments manually 
(c) sending message through e-mail, where no stamping is necessary 
(d) replacing stamp duty required for payment of registration of properties and documents 
(e) None of the above 
Q15. In which of the following situations can a bank issuing a Bank Guarantee may withhold payment of the Guarantee invoked by the beneficiary? 
(a) when it is not satisfied that there was default on the part of the party because of which the beneficiary suffered 
(b) bank can withhold payment of the guarantee upon being served an injunction by the Court restraining payment under the guarantee
(c) there is no provision for withholding payment of a Bank Guarantee when invoked 
(d) All of the above 
(e) None of the above 

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