Clear Your Doubts Instantly On Our Whatsapp Numbers

Dear Students,

ADDA247 is now all set to do away with your doubts at the most convenient platform viz. Whatsapp and call service 24*7!!

It is near to impossible that every aspirant preparing for any government exam is always doubt free and has reached to the culmination of perfection not to put forth any queries regarding explanations, methods and solutions corresponding to the questions whether belonging to the quizzes of any particular subject, Test Series, Mock Tests or any other form of online study material provided by ADDA247. We are very well aware of the baffling mind state of the aspirants once they face a hitch in clarifying their doubts while preparing for prestigious exams to get their dream job and pay dearly in the exam still having doubts regarding any conception, formula usage, proper method and accuracy of the answers. Even a single correct answer holds its extreme importance in such competitive exams. And to make you fully contented by thrashing all your doubts away, ADDA247 is availing you all with our Whatsapp And Call numbers where you can bring out your any sincere query which made you irksome for not quenching your doubt to your expectation. This service is free of cost. 

Whether you are a Banking aspirant or an SSC aspirant, doubts may intrude themselves in your mind anytime but paying a deaf ear towards them by pretending to clear them afterwards is not a conducive approach while looking for the govt exam. Facilitating you with our call and Whatsapp number service, now thrash your doubts instantly at no cost. Below are our Whatsapp numbers available at different time slots thus clearing your doubts at any duration of the day and night.

5 A.M to 1 P.M – 8750609944
1 P.M to 9 P.M – 8750609977
9 P.M to 5 A.M – 8750609966

Monday to Saturday for Banking, SSC Aspirants and Railway Aspirants.

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