Daily Motivation: 27th May

Once Thomas Edison’s factory burned into ashes in 1914 causing him a huge loss, his response was simple “Thank God all our mistakes were burned up, now we can start fresh again.” His reaction is the epitome of mental strength that he had.  There are only two categories some are mentally strong and some are not. The difference lies when we compare the attributes of a mentally strong and those who are not.

A weaker one will ‘cry’ over the adverse situations but a mentally strong will still say “I will try once more’. A later will breakdown but former will breakthrough. A weaker will take the stress and become a worrier and a mentally strong will make the strategy as he is a warrior.There is hopeless end for the weaker soul but endless hope for mentally strong soul. One will give up because he is a victim but a other will get up because he is victor.
Therefore, Dear Students decide what you want to be strongly mental or weak one don’t prove but improve don’t compare but recognize and reform, don’t complain but rectify don’t criticize but ameliorate as everything happens for a reason see the positive side of the coin and think out of the box. 
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