Daily Vocabulary: 21st January 2020

Word: Omnibus (बहुप्रयोजन)
Meaning: a volume containing several books previously published separately.
Synonyms: collection, anthology, comprehensive, inclusive, complete
Antonyms: limited, incomplete, restricted, contained
Usage in a Sentence: The president’s state of the union speech is usually an omnibus look at the issues that the country is confronting

Word: Gamut (विस्तार)
Meaning: the complete range or scope of something.
Synonyms: spectrum, range, scope, span
Antonyms: conflict, disagree, protest
Usage in a Sentence: She experienced the full gamut of human emotions.

Word: Dissent (असम्मत होना/ असम्मति)
Meaning: hold or express opinions that are at variance with those commonly or officially held.
Synonyms: conflict, disagree, protest
Antonyms: agree, assent, agreement
Usage in a sentence: Voices of dissent began to rise against the bombing.

Word: Interplay (अन्योन्यक्रिया)
Meaning: the way in which two or more things have an effect on each other.
Synonyms: interaction, engagement, interrelationship
Antonyms: isolation, stigmatization
Usage in a Sentence: In the interplay between Ruth and Maude, the author demonstrates a fairly steady grasp of the complicated dynamics of a friendship sustained over decades.

Word: Anticipate (आशा रखना/ पूर्वानुमान करना)
Meaning: regard as probable; expect or predict.
Synonyms: expect, predict, foresee, hope
Antonyms: unexpected, doubt
Usage in a Sentence: This year, we anticipate our expenses to increase by 15%.

Word: Petition (आवेदन)
Meaning:formal written request, typically one signed by many people, appealing to authority in respect of a particular cause.
Synonyms: request, appeal, entreaty, application
Antonyms: order, command, instruction
Usage in a Sentence: They collected 2,000 signatures on a petition demanding that women be allowed to join the club.

Word: Mutilation (विकृति)
Meaning: the action of mutilating or being mutilated.
Synonyms: damage, amputation, injury, destruction, dismemberment
Antonyms: cure, mend, improvement, development, betterment
Usage in a Sentence: Evidence suggests that the mutilation of the sculptures was deliberate.

Word: Abhorrent (घृणास्पद)
Meaning: inspiring disgust and loathing; repugnant.
Synonyms: repulsive, repugnant, abominable, loathsome, disgusting
Antonyms: delicious, nice, tasty, appealing
Usage in a Sentence: Discrimination of any sort is abhorrent to a civilized society.

Word: Genre (प्रकार)
Meaning: a style or category of art, music, or literature.
Synonyms: type, kind, species, variety, category
Antonyms: inactivity, nonclassical
Usage in a Sentence: This book is a classic of the mystery genre.

Word: Validity (मान्यता तारीख, पुष्टता)
Meaning: the quality of being logically or factually sound; soundness or cogency.
Synonyms: effectiveness, efficacy, legitimacy, authenticity, effectivity
Antonyms: falsity, invalidity, falsehood, absurdity
Usage in a sentence: Some researchers have questioned the validity of the test results.

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