Daily Vocabulary : 7th April 2020

RECUPERATE (Verb) स्वस्थ हो जाना
Meaning: recover from illness or exertion.
Synonyms: recover, convalesce, improve, mend
Antonyms: deteriorate, hurt
Example: Other mammals and birds recuperate or grow to maturity in outdoor enclosures.

PROTRACT (Verb) फैलना
Meaning: prolong.
Synonyms: extend. lengthen, elongate, continue
Antonyms: curtail, shorten
Example: I have no desire to protract the process.

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ALLEGE(verb) अभियोग लगाना
Meaning: To say that someone has done something illegal or wrong without giving proof
Synonyms: charge, declare
Antonyms: withdraw, object
Example: She is alleged to have been at the center of an international drug ring.

HECKLE (verb)सवालों से बात काटना
Meaning: to interrupt a speaker with insulting or rude comments
Synonyms: bully, ridicule
Antonyms: please, praise
Example: The crowd began to boo and heckle the comedian as he bombed his comedy set.

Meaning: tremendously angry
Synonyms: annoyed, furious
Antonyms: happy, calm
Example: The irate judge had the unruly defendant removed from the courtroom.

SCRAMBLE (noun) संघर्ष
Meaning: a struggle for possession or gain.
अर्थ: कब्जे या लाभ के लिए एक संघर्ष।
Synonyms: free-for-all, melee, rush, struggle, tussle
Antonyms: peace, order, organization
Example: There was a scramble for choice seats in the auditorium.

REVULSION (Noun) घृणा
Meaning: a dislike so strong as to cause stomach upset or queasiness
Synonyms: aversion, disgust, distaste, horror
Antonyms: fondness, like, liking, love, partiality, penchant
Example: The publication of the autopsy photos prompted expressions of outrage and revulsion

ENCOMPASS (Verb): धरना
Meaning: to form a circle around
Synonyms: circle, compass, embrace, encircle, enclose
Antonyms: exclude, leave (out), miss out
Example: A necklace of sapphire-blue lakes encompasses the town.

EGALITARIAN (Noun): समानाधिकारवादी
Meaning: one who advocates or practices social equality.
Synonyms: democrat, leveler
Antonyms: snob, snoot
Example: As egalitarians, some people have always promoted policies for equal pay.

STRINGENT (adjective) कड़ी से कड़ी
Meaning: not allowing for any exceptions or loosening of standards
Synonyms: brassbound, cast-iron, exacting, hard-line, inflexible, rigid, rigorous,
Antonyms: flexible, lax, loose, relaxed, slack
Example: There are stringent rules against unauthorized persons being in our building

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