Daily Vocabulary Word 04th October 2020- Daily Use Words

Here is the 04th October Vocabulary, learn these word to make your vocabulary strong, it will be helpful for RBI Assistant Mains, SBI Clerk Mains SBI PO Prelims, and other exams.

1. DOCILE : विनम्र
Meaning: quiet and easy to influence, persuade, or control
Synonyms: gentle, meek
Antonyms: headstrong, inflexible
Example: The once docile population has finally risen up against the ruthless regime.

2. HUMOROUS : हास्यकर
Meaning: funny, or making you laugh
Synonyms: amusing, comic
Antonyms: boring, serious
Example: I suppose the play is quite humorous, but it is let down by the actors’ weak performances.

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3. METICULOUS : अतिसावधान
Meaning: very careful and with great attention to every detail
Synonyms: accurate, exact
Antonyms: careless, false
Example: Many hours of meticulous preparation have gone into writing the book.

4. LUCID : स्पष्ट अर्थ का
Meaning: clearly expressed and easy to understand, or (of a person) thinking or speaking clearly
Synonyms: luminous, unambiguous
Antonyms: clouded, confused
Example: She gave a clear and lucid account of her plans for the company’s future.

5. STEER : रास्ते पर लाना
Meaning: to take someone or something or make someone or something go in the direction in which you want him, her, or it
Synonyms: escort, drive
Antonyms: abandon
Example: The main task of the new government will be to steer the country towards democracy.

6. PERSUASIVE : प्रेरक
Meaning: making you want to do or believe a particular thing
Synonyms: alluring, compelling
Antonyms: implausible. incredible
Example: Some studies suggest that low mood can improve skill in persuasive argument and sharpen memory.

7. DISSEMINATE : प्रसारित करना
Meaning: to spread or give out something, especially news, information, ideas, etc., to a lot of people
Synonyms: advertise, disperse
Antonyms: conceal, hide
Example: One of the organization’s aims is to disseminate information about the disease.

8. JUGGLERY : इंद्रजाल
Meaning: any trickery or deception.
Synonyms: conjuration, dirty tricks
Antonyms: honesty, fair play
Example: No party could survive such a record of political trickery and financial jugglery.

9. VIABLE : जीवक्षम
Meaning: able to work as intended or able to succeed
Synonyms: applicable, feasible
Antonyms: impossible, unlikely
Example: In order to make the company viable, it will unfortunately be necessary to reduce staffing levels.

10. CONCISION : संक्षिप्ति
Meaning: the quality of being short and clear, and expressing what needs to be said without unnecessary words
Synonyms: brevity, curtness
Antonyms: lengthiness, longevity
Example: The author is not known for brevity or conciseness.

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