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Daily Wordlist

Dear Readers,

Here is the Daily Word list for you to improve your verbal as well as your written English. Now a days Level of English section has been increased in Competitive Exam and same will be continue for other upcoming Banking Exams. So learn these words and try to use them in your day to day lives, starting now down below in the comments section.

Daily Wordlist |_2.1

1.Procure (v) : To get possession of something by action or effort
Synonyms: Acquire, Secure
Use : It took Sita over six months to procure a new job.

2.Terse (adj): A very short statement or remark
Synonyms: Curt, Brusque, Abrupt
Use : Sita email was so terse that ,I could only wonder if she was upset about something.

3. Sardonic (adj) : Displaying disrespect in a scornful way.
Synonyms: Mocking, Satirical
Use : The criminal had a sardonic smile on his face when he shot at the police officer.

4.Jaunty (adj) : Expressing cheer and self-assurance
Synonyms : Cheerful, Cheery, Happy
Use : As soon as she saw her husband at the airport, she ran off in a jaunty way towards him.

5.Abolitionist (n) : One who supports the elimination of practices or laws that are viewed as dangerous
Synonyms  : Activist , Revolutionary
Use: My uncle is an abolitionist who travels throughout the world speaking out against human rights violations.

6.Bagatelle (n) : A thing regarded as too unimportant or easy to be worth much consideration.
Synonyms  : Trifle , Inessential
Use :A thousand dollars is a mere bagatelle to me.

7.Grandiose  (adj) : Appearing to be impressive but not really possible or practical
Synonyms: Magnificent, Impressive, Grand
Use : The billionaire has this grandiose idea about building a house on Mars.

8.Undulate (v): Move with a smooth wavelike motion
Synonyms: Surge, Wave, Billow
Use : Because the wind was not blowing, the lake waters did not undulate a great deal.

9 .Trepidation (n): A nervous or fearful feeling
Synonyms: Fear, Apprehension, Dread
Use :As the earthquake bared down, I was overpowered with trepidation.

10 .Sustenance (n): That which gives nourishment or support
Synonyms: Support, Maintenance, Keep
Use: Most spiders obtain their sustenance by eating insects that land in their webs.

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