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GA Questions Asked in LIC ADO Mains 2023, Check All Questions

GA Questions Asked in LIC ADO Mains 2023

LIC ADO Mains exam has been conducted on 23 April 2023 and candidates who have appeared in the mains exam must have been looking out for the Insurance and GA Questions Asked in LIC ADO Mains 2023. There is a section of General Knowledge, Current Affairs, and English Language of 50 questions and Insurance & Financial Marketing Awareness  of 60 questions. So here, in this post, we have covered Insurance and GA Questions that have been asked in LIC ADO Mains 2023.

LIC ADO Mains Exam Analysis 2023

LIC ADO मेन्स 2023 में पूछे गए GA के प्रश्नों की डिटेल

GA Questions Asked in LIC ADO Mains 2023

Here, is the list of GA Questions asked in LIC ADO Mains Exam 2023:

  1. What were the five verdicts given by the Super Court Judges regarding the Election Commission, Chief Election
  2. Commission appointed by the Prime Minister, and the opposition leader of Lok Sabha?
  3. Who is currently serving as the G20 Sherpa?
  4. In which city is the Indian Oil Corporation’s 61,077 crore petrochemical plant located?
  5. Who is the title sponsor of WPL?
  6. In which country is Alibaba based?
  7. What is the extension given to the ministry NGOs for foreign purposes, and until when?
  8. Which platform is not a broker – Acko?
  9. Which state in India does not produce millets?
  10. Where was the ISRO LVM3 Uk 36 deployed in Earth’s orbit?
  11. Which country established the Abel Prize?
  12. What is the minimum age for Grade-I students?
  13. Where is the headquarters of ITU located?
  14. In which states is the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve spread across? Provide options for five states.
  15. In how many states is the PM-MITRA program being implemented?
  16. What does the “C” in “NFSE – 5C approach” not represent?
  17. In which city, with a population of more than 10 lakhs, was the SS 2.0 initiative launched secondly?
  18. Who provided a $2.9 billion loan to Sri Lanka?
  19. In India, who is responsible for enforcing account and audit regulations?
  20. By how many runs did the Netherlands defeat their opponent?
  21. Which country’s girls and women is the International Day of Education dedicated to?
  22. Who is the biggest shareholder of IFLICL, besides Bank of Baroda?
  23. Which organization has its headquarters in Davos, Switzerland?
  24. Which country is not among the top 5 most populated countries?
  25. Which company produces Surf Excel?
  26. Who is the author of “A Suitable Boy”?

Insurance and Finance Questions

  1. How many day insurance claim settled? 30 Days
  2. ULIPS were introduced by which country? India in 1971
  3. TPA full form? Third Pary Adminstrator
  4. Principle of Indemnity?
  5. Relationship Between Risk and Premium?
  6. Full form of FPR? First Premium Receipt
  7. Insurance Ombudsman Compenstation maximum amount: 20 Lakhs
  8. IRDAI time limit set by the IRDAI? 30 Days
  9. Intangible Assets cover non-Physical assests that covers?
  10. Principle of Atmost good Faith law of Insurance?
  11. Early death Claims can arise out of Death during the first_____ policy Years.
  12. Which principles states about the Individual who should benefitted from the Insured Item? Prinicple of Insurable Interest
  13. What is Money back Policy in Insurance?
  14. Which is not General Insurance Company?
  15. Section 39 of the Insurance deal with?
  16. LIC established in which year?
  17. What is the family floater concept in insurance?
  18. Originator of Human Life Value concept in Insurance?
  19. Insurance Ombudsman work on what basis? Territorial Basis
  20. Defination of Inflation?
  21. Questions related to Term life Policy?
  22. Which is IC38 in insurance?


How many questions are there in the General Knowledge, Current Affairs Affairs and English section?

There is a total of 50 questions in the General Knowledge, Current Affairs Affairs and English section.