Government Appoints New MD & CEOs At 10 PSBs: Here Is All You Need To Know

The government of India cleared the appointment of Chief Executive Officers and Managing Directors (CEOs and MDs) at 10 Public Sector Banks (PSBs). They are part of the 15 names recommended by the Bank Boards Bureau for elevation. Of those named, five are currently the deputy managing directors of State Bank of India (SBI) while the other five are executive directors (EDs) at different government-owned banks.
Here is the list of people appointed as MD and CEO at various PSBs:
1. Padmaja Chundru – Indian Bank. 
2. Mrutyunjay Mahapatra – Syndicate Bank. 
3. Pallav Mohapatra – Central Bank of India. 
4. Packirisamy – Andhra Bank. 
5. Karnam Sekar – Dena Bank. 
*All of the above people are currently deputy MDs at SBI.
6. SS Mallikarajuna Rao – Allahabad Bank – He is currently the ED of Syndicate Bank. 
7. AS Rajeev – Bank of Maharashtra – He is currently the ED of Indian Bank. 
8. Atul Kumar Goel – UCO Bank – He is currently the ED at Union Bank of India.
9. S Harisankar – Punjab & Sind Bank. He is currently the Executive Director of Allahabad Bank.

10. Ashok Kumar Pradhan – United Bank of India – He is currently the ED of United Bank of India.

Headquarters and Taglines of the Above Banks are: 

  • Indian Bank: Chennai, “Your Own Bank”.
  • Syndicate Bank: Manipal, “Your Faithful and Friendly Financial Partner”
  • Central Bank of India: Mumbai, “Central” to You Since 1911
  • Andhra Bank: Hyderabad, “Where India Bank”
  • Dena Bank: Mumbai, “Trusted Family Bank”
  • Allahabad Bank: Kolkata, “A Tradition of Trust”
  • Bank of Maharashtra: Pune, “One Family One Bank”
  • UCO Bank: Kolkata, “Honours Your Trust”
  • Punjab & Sind Bank: New Delhi, “Where Service is a Way of Life”
  • United Bank of India: Kolkata, The Bank that Begins with “U”.


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