How to improve concentration? 5 quick tips !

Exam times are near, and the SBI PO 2020 is approaching fast. While you are busy with your preparations, we are here to help you solve one of your biggest issues – the lack of concentration!

It’s true that we do not have many things to keep us focused but abundant to distract us.

Here are 5 quick tips that can help you level up your concentration game.

1- Keep your body healthy: Yes, your body is your temple and as the saying goes by, a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Try to have a proper diet that includes lots of proteins, vitamins and essential minerals. This will help your body to take on the long study hours relentlessly. Also, do not forget to stay hydrated for a better cleansed approach.

2- Your mental health needs attention: Mental health is the least looked after aspect in the Indian families. However, one must remember that you cannot get things done with a disturbed mindset. You essentially need to clear the clutter from your mind, for it to function hassle-free. Try sorting out your mental issues by talking about them, reading good books and spending some more time with Mother Nature. You can try whatever works for you, but before starting to study, you must ensure a happy and free mind beforehand.

3- Take that much needed break: In case you have been pressurizing yourself a lot with hectic time tables and deadlines, you need to calm down a bit. Hold on, take a breath and give yourself a break to do your favorite thing. We promise, once you resume, you will be more concentrated than ever!

4- Keep your study space clean: The area or the room where you study needs to be neat and tidy. Try to have the least unnecessary items around it. Get yourself a nice chair and keep your study table, books, stationary etc all sorted. The less you see, the less you distract!

5- Manage your time: Everyone has 24 hours to accomplish what they want to. Some make the best of it by managing it effectively while some just rant about the lack of time and the unfinished tasks. When you have a lot of syllabus to cover, you often tend to lose concentration on any one topic. It is important to manage time according to syllabus so you don’t keep on thinking about the vast picture, instead focus on taking the smaller steps with full concentration.

So, what helps you to stay concentrated? Let us know in the comment box below. We’d love to feature the best strategy on our page.