IBPS PO Interview Experience 2017 (Bangalore) – 12

Venue-Syndicate Bank Regional Office ,Bangalore

Reporting Time: 1:00 PM
Document Verification Done:5:30 PM
Interview Time-around 6:00 PM (15 min Interview)

Panel 2

In my panel there were 5 members 4M and 1F

Wished the panel member after going inside interview room

M(Chairman)-Tell me about your family in Short?
Explained about my family members and about myself

M(Chairman)-Why did you left your job in Infosys after 4 years
I told I was not getting enough time to prepare and focus on studies

M(Chairman)-Do u think getting a job is so easy 
I told definitely not but my goal is to get into banks and moreover I wanted more managerial opportunities as compared to my current technical role

M(panel member 2)-I am a customer and you are a manager. I want a loan for 30 buffaloes. What will be your condition and whether you will offer it to me.

I told I will check your financial background, CIBIL score and the collateral what you are going to keep with bank and then only I will decide.

M(panel member 2)- I am a new customer and I don’t have any previous bank account
Then I will check you land and properties and whether you will be able to repay the amount or not.I will give you loan based on the amount of collateral and not more than that.He tried to get my answer changed but I didn’t change my answers.

F(panel member 3)-Tell me what you know about locker facility in Banks

M(panel member 4)-You are in Karnataka for almost 9 years tell me about the major crops of karnataka
I told coffee and paddy and paddy is one of the product which is consumed much in Karnataka

M(panel member 4)-What about some other crops
I told some spices like cardamom and cinnamon are also grown but he was telling do u really think cinnamon  is  grown in Karnataka and I replied in affirmative.

M(panel member 4)-Don’t you think millets are also grown over here?
I told yes millet are also grown in Karnataka and are one of the major crop over here

M(panel member 4)-What are the types of millet
I told sorry I don’t remember

That’s all about my interview experience.After that iI wished them and was coming out.Then they asked me to take chocolates kept on table.I took one thanked them and came out.

Thanks to all… Wish you ALB

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