IBPS PO Interview Experience 2017 (Bhubaneswar) – 09

Interview Experience IBPS PO 2017-02-04
I am Savyasachi
Siddharth Moharana
, I would like to share my interview experience which
went around 15 to 20 mins.
It was in English. (panel members talked in
odiya sometimes within themselves)
– 04-02-2017
– 1pm
UCO Bank, Ashok nagar Bhubaneswar

1st document verification took
place panel-wise. No issues were there.
My serial no was 9th.
At around 3:35 pm it was my turn then.
There were 5 members. 1 Woman, 4 Men. F1,
M1 M2 M3 M4  .F1 was near to the entry
I: May I come in Please ( m2 looked at me F1 looked curious others
were busy arranging dere stuff)
and M1 :
yes plzz . Take your seat.
I: (with a smiling face just entering i wished) Good afternoon mam (as
she was close to me while entering) good afternoon sirs) thank you sir (taking
my seat).

M2: Tell me about yourself.
I: (Had prepared confidently so answered confidently) I am savyasachi
sidhharth moharana . I come from jajpur. Education (btech in eee).. Then family
…I live in a joint family….parents with my elder brother and my cousins.

M1: what are your siblings doing
I: told about 3 cousins..( my brother is engineer at Bhel Hyderabad).

M2: why don’t u go for engineering
I: have cleared Gate examination 2016 electrical paper but my rank was
not good enough to get into psu so I thought of trying my hand in banking and I
really have been loving it since then. My hard work and dedication from bottom
of my heart has really paid off. And I have got a chance here to attend the

M1: what is the function of heart (he pronounced as haat)
I: I looked confused as if some term related to bank that i didnt
know. M2 clarified its heart. Then I
answered. Physically heart pumps the blood because of which the blood flows
circulated throughout the body.

M1: can uh name the chambers and how many chambers are there.
I: sir 4 chambers 2 auricle and 2 venticles both left and right.

M1 satisfied and said good.
M3: Were you taking coaching? Somewhere?
I: no sir, all by myself taking help from internet.

M3: can uh answer some banking related ques. What is call money?
I: anwered ( fast and bit nervy)

M2 : ok what is CRR?
I: answered (again talking in superfast but fluently)

M2: laughing (plz sit down first and tke 4 5 deep breath den answer. I
smiled  and others looked cheerful too).
M3: i took 2 deep breath .then said sir m ready now. And started
answering crr smoothly and in a better way
F1 kept observing me ..i made proper eye
contacts every seemed quite happy with my answers and way of confident approach

M3:what is repo?

M2: what is reverse repo?

M1:why are these rates made?
I explained to conserve and maintain the
intrinsic value of a d money or the rupee.

M2: how?
I said if crr is reduced to 3 percentage
aroung 80 thousand crores of rupees will flow into market and other effects (
explained how inflation may come into picture).

M1: when inflation happens.
I: (told about 2 types demand pull and cost

M2: what is cost push?
I (explained)

M2: what is demand pull?
I (explained)

M1: but how when more money is there inflation will take place
I xplained again but ( he wanted to hear
aboub less supply which i didn’t mention. He helped me.)

I felt like M4 was always keen to ask something but
was overpowered by
M2 M1 and M3. F1 never looked like asking
anything she kept on listening my answers.

M3: can u finaly say what is MSF?
I: answerd.

M3: do you know who made msf.
I: confused. sir all the rates in monetary
policy are looked after by rbi

M2: I am talking  there was
I could recall and said Deepak Mohanty
Now he was really happy with me.
They asked me to leave now
M4: can u say what is ( he asked something which i didn’t knw )
I: sorry sir i don’t knw.

M2 M4 M1
you may go now. Thank you
I: thank you sir. Have a good Day ( smiling
and cheerful.)
M2: well done( while i was just leaving)
I : thank you sir.

It was a wonderful experience. Each of the
panel member was really happy with me may be because the way I answered them. My
facial expression, my way of talking just came out to be the way I wanted to be
that day. Thank you god. And thank you Bankers Adda. All d best to others.
 Thanks to all… Wish you ALB

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