IBPS PO Interview Experience 2017 – 03

I am Tasleem Ahmad, I would like to share my awesome interview experience which went for the longest 16 mins.

It was in bilingual Hindi & English.
Date – 03-02-2017
Time –1pm
Venue – Bank of India staff training 
              Noida Sec -62

Document Verification: No issues, Everything went correctly.
Interview Room:
It was full of waiting bcoz reporting time was 1 pm and I was 2nd last person to be interviewed hence my turn came at 5:20 pm. There were 5 members including 1 female. 

I: May I come in please (bcoz both female & male members were there)
PANEL: YES, please! Please have a seat

M3: Ok Tasleem, Tell me specific about your name.
I: meaning of my name is TO ACCEPT

M3: So what do you willing to Accept?
I: I am always willing to accept challenges.

M3: Oh good, What you have studied?
I: I thought he was asking about, for interview what you have studied. I said current, banking etc.

M3: No in graduation?
I: Btech in Computer science & Engg

M3: what about your father & Brother?
I: Answered

M3: What should we ask to you?
I: About banking & current.

M3: what specific in banking you know?
(M3 was sitting in front of me & asked most of the question)
I: I said I have basic knowledge of everything.

M3: Monetary policy?
I: Answered

M3: Difference between base rate & Mclr
I: Answered (told whole history around it)

M3: Tools of MCLR & who implement this?
I: Answered every tool with explanation (100%  satisfied)

M3: What RBI did to reduce the liquidity in the Banking system?
I: answered (mss & 100%  crr)

M3: Explain both
I: answered

M3: difference between MSS & OMO?
I: answered (100%, satisfied)

M3: PPP?
I: answered

M3: CSR?
I: answered
(Then he went into it asked cross question but I returned safely )
Then he said you are going good.. Where u were till now;
I: Sir rule is a rule. I can’t break rules last me dala h to kya kr skte h

M4: Asked situational based question?
answered (60% satisfied)

M2: you have studied computer science engg. Then tell me about Artificial intelligence
I: answered(100% satisfied)

M2: Cryptography & How it is used & how it ensure secureness?
I: answered

M2: Recent Use of Artificial intelligence in banking
I: answered (Lakshmi Robot explain everything about it)
(Then he asked many cross question on it )
100% satisfied

F1: She said this Robot will take our jobs?
I: answered (80% satisfied)

M5: He said I will Not ask anything. But tell me how u have that much of knowledge? What is the secret?
I: Smiled &  Said by Newspaper Economics times

F1: I will ask Just one question. Ur birthday comes on a specific day whats That.
I: silent for a while then I said its April fool day.
They All laughed &  said but you can make anyone fool easily.

M3: You are good, U have done well but you must have some score in mains
M5: But keep reading economic times
They said best of luck

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