IBPS PO Interview Experience 2017 (Hyderabad) – 50

My interview experience
Venue-andhra bank head office
Time 1 pm
reached the venue at exactly 1 pm
document verification done at 3.30 pm

We were asked to wait in a hall
My turn came around 5.30 pm and interview lasted for 10-15 minutes
i took permission to enter and wished the panel
they asked me to seated

panel has 4 male old men and 1 old women

M1-this is the last day of interview..we want feedback..what people are talking outside about us?we want to know(telugu)
Me-sir no one is talking anything ,they are just coming out and going..if we ask anything they are just showing thumbup
entire panel started laughing(telugu)

M1-so ur name?

M2-ur passed of 2015 year..what have you been doing since?(asked in telugu)
me-studying mtech first year in hyd central univ
then started asking in english

M2-so u r supposed to complete in 2018..what u will do if u get job?
me-sir we have provision that we can complete second year whenever we wish as it is only project related and it varies from 3-6 months.our seniors also did like that
m1 to m2-ya for central universities there will be provisions like that
m1-so recent issue of hcu?
me-i told entire story of rohit vemula
m3-we dont want all that conclude shortly
me-yes sir ,after suspension confirmed he committed suicide
m4-no he wrote in that letter that no one is responsible for that
me-yes yes sir
m4-tell me is he sc or not
me-some are saying yes and other no
m4-he is not

me-his father bc and mother radhika is sc
m4-then he shud be bc ryt?

me-yes sir father inheritance shud come
m2-(interrupted)-what are recurring deposits?
me-some ppl cant deposit lump amounts so they use fixed deposit by paying in installments
m3-do u know sip-systematic investment policy?
me-i know sir but ryt now iam unable to recall
all members said no problem,m3 explained something but i didnt get

m4-what are digital payments?
me-all the netbanking,mobile banking,neft ,rtgs,payments through apps
m4-recently launched app
me-bhim-bharath interface for money launched by narendra modi
m4-(interrupted) shri narendra modi
me-sorry sir-shri narendra modi is used to transfer money between two parties either different banks or different branches of same bank
me- the mobile number shud be registered with the bank account,as soon as we download the app it will ask us to enter security code then after login we have to set 4-6 pin upi code using that code we can do the transfers

f1-what are sfgs?
me-it is group of less than 20 members belonging to same economic background who open a saving account in a bank

f1-what are payments banks?
me-the initial corpus for payments bank is 100 crores
it enables us to open current ,saving a/c but cant issue credit cards though it can issue debit cards
the money can be parked in govt securities like T-bill
m3-for sfg..what they will do after opening a account?
me-i heard that they will get high interest rate
he nodded saying yes..loans something he told which i didnt get

m1-what do u mean by women empowerment?
me-i fumbled ..they seemed not satisfied
m1-ur hobbies
me-i rarely have anytime sir,if i have free time i read novels,play badminton,cycling,running, I participated in marathon also
m4-how u do cycling?
me-sir our university is vast area so when
m4-(interrupted)so u live in hostel
me-yes sir
m4-ur native place
me-hyd sir but univ is in gachibowli and our house in kothapet
m4,m3 said okk
me-i go every week to my house

m1-good luck
me-sorry sir..
m1-good luck’
me-thank you sir and i left

All the Best!!


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