IBPS SO Mains Exam Analysis 2019: 27th January

IBPS SO Mains Exam Analysis 2019

IBPS SO Main 2018-19 Exam Analysis: 
IBPS SO Main 2018-19 Recruitment Exam is over, Now it’s time for the much-awaited IBPS SO (IT Officer & Rajbhasha Adhikari) Mains Exam Analysis & Review (27th Jan 2019). Many students have appeared for this exam today and this brings them to a step closer in their journey of getting a Job in govt. sector. Without wasting any moment, let’s get straight to the analysis for which you are all waiting for.  Overall the exam was of an Moderate Level for both IT Officer & Rajbhasha Adhikari Candidates.  
IT Officer Professional Knowledge Online Test Exam Review 2018-19
There were a total of 60 questions and the time limit was 45 minutes. Following are the details about the exam level and types of questions asked in IBPS SO Mains 2018-19 IT Officer Exam.
Level of Exam: Moderate
Topics covering major portion of professional knowledge exam:

  • Networking – around 12-15 questions
  • Data Structure – around 8-10 questions out of which 3-5 questions were related to Sorting.
  • Operating System – around 4-5 questions
Other Topics covered in IT Officer Professional Knowledge Exam 2018-19:

  • DBMS (2-4 Q)
  • Logic Gates (2-3Q)
  • Half-Adder (1Q)
  • Computer Security (2-3Q, Firewall, Phishing)
  • Discrete Mathematics (2 Q Probability Based)
  • Computer Architecture (3Q)
  • C Language (2Q)
  • Data Communication (3-4Q)
  • Software Engineering (2Q)
Rajbhasha Adhikari Professional Knowledge Online Test Exam Review 2018-19

The professional knowledge test for Rajbhasha Adhikari consisted of an online objective test of 45 questions and an online descriptive test (of translation) with 2 questions.

Level of Exam: Moderate
Topics Covered in Objective Test

  • Error Detection (Vakya mein truti) – 5 Q
  • Rajbhasha Adhiniyam – 10 Q
  • Unseen Passage – 5 Q (The passage was related to comparison between writers)
  • Close Test – 5 Q
  • Translation- Hindi to English and English to Hindi – 15 Q
  • Miscellaneous – 5 Q

    Topics Covered in Descriptive Test
    The descriptive test had 2 question of translation, where a paragraph of around 100-150 words was given each question. Both the paragraphs were related to banks and their services/ functioning.
    • English to Hindi Translation
    • Hindi to English Translation