IDBI Recruitment 2019: Last Minute Tips & Tricks

Dear Aspirants,
Last minute tips for IDBI Bank Executive and Assistant Manager
The countdown for IDBI aspirants as begun. As the time approaches, anxiety in all the aspirants is climbing high. Confusion is rolling all over, what did I miss?  What else there is to learn? What are the important topics and all the previous year questions? What is the right way to maximize my score? All these thoughts must be puzzling your mind. What you need is a plan and some motivation to ride off this frightening time before the exam.
The date that has been declared for the online test at all centres is 16th and 17th May for Executive and Assistant Manager recpectively. Last few days are crucial, you have to be very cautious about how you distinguish preparation from stress. This thin line between excitement and anxiety can devastate you and affect your all the hard work. So, take a deep breath.

Last minute tips for IDBI 

Analyze and learn from the past :
Whatever you scored, and however you performed in the last exam is going to help you a lot. Aspirants think that failure is a setback when it is just one more test drive through the rough roads. You already got the hang of the type of question asked and the time taken by each type of question. So that you can manage your time better this time.

Be wise and revise:

You must be getting new information from all around you. People trying to help you by pitching new ideas and topics to ease your preparation are actually making it more challenging. Any new data you try to feed your brain as a booster is going to jam it. So, whatever you have learned till now, trust it and revise it thoroughly.
Do not miss this Sunday’s IDBI Assistant manager face-off:

Adda247 has extended the All India Exam for Today. You all should give it a go and analyze your accuracy, as well as the potential of the competitors that will attempt the exam with you. Get to know the all India ranking that will be published as well. The video solution of this mock are also available. Click Here to get the All India Exam for IDBI Assistant Manager
Quiz and questions:

Participate in the Quiz that is conducted on a daily basis to imprint all the answers on your brain for the D-day. You can also participate in the GA discussion every day at 3 PM on Bankersadda site till 15th May. The students who are preparing for the assistant manager should go through the  GA capsule that was provided by Bankersadda.

Keep calm and give exam:

In the end, keep your confidence high and do not stress over the exam. The only thing that can save you is your revision and accuracy. Plan a smart strategy. Read every question carefully answer them within the allotted time. Eat well and don’t be the night owl. Rest and get enough sleep, especially in upcoming days.