Important Idiom and phrases for Banking exam: 13th July 2019

Under a cloud
Meaning: Under suspicion
Usage: I believe John left his last job under a cloud.

Make a Clean Breast
Meaning: confess without reserve
Usage: He made a clean breast of his crime to the police.

Talking through Hat
Meaning: Talking nonsense
Usage: Nothing of what he said made sense – he was talking through his hat.

In the Good books
Meaning: In favor of the boss.
Usage: The fact that he always managed to be in the good books of the bosses surprised one and all.

The green-eyed monster
Meaning: Used as a way of talking about jealousy
Usage: Shakespeare called it “the green-eyed monster, ” and once it gets a hold of your relationship, it sinks its teeth in and can rip it apart.

At one’s wit’s end
Meaning:  Puzzled/confused/perplexed
Usage: Shila is at one’s wit’s end about her career after 12th grade.

Sharp practices
Meaning: dishonest practice
Usage:  He’s been guilty of sharp practice in the past.

To give the devil his due
Meaning: To give encouragement even to the enemy
Usage: I don’t like what the new management has done but give the devil his due, sales have improved.

Meaning: Indifferent
Usage: She is extremely standoffish and will only come around once every couple of days.

To keep under wraps
Meaning: Secret
Usage: The documents will stay/be kept under wraps for ten more years.