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International Day of Non-Violence is Observed on 2 October

Brief About International Day Of Non-Violence

Every year, International Day Of Non-Violence is commemorated on 2 October on behalf of Mahatma Gandhi’s Birthday. Mahatma Gandhi was one of the prominent leaders who fought enormously to give independence to India from British rule. He was also regarded to be the pioneer of the non-violence movement. In 2007, the United Nations passed an effective resolution in which it was drafted to observe Gandhi Jayanti as the International Day of Non-Violence on October 2. This resolution has been passed to amplify the eminent belief in non-violence, which can be a major aspect of public awareness and education. In this article, we will elaborate on authentic details related to the International Day of Non-Violence.

History About The Resolution Passed To Observe International Day Of Non-Violence on 2 October

As we have mentioned earlier, a resolution has been passed to commemorate Mahatma Gandhi’s birth date as International Day of Non-Violence. This resolution was proposed by Anand Sharma, who is the former Minister of State for External Affairs of India. 140 co-sponsors also supported this resolution. As per Anand Sharma, non-violence is the leading force during the disposal of mankind. It is one of the greatest weapons that can make anything possible without any hassle. Mahatma Gandhi coined the effect of the Non-Violence movement, and it made him acquire the freedom that he wanted all Indians to get. Let us go through some points through which the ideologies of Mahatma Gandhi will be clarified.

  1. Mahatma Gandhi has led with the ideals of non-violence and ahimsa, which has attracted global audiences.
  2. He always made people understand the power of non-violence.
  3. Gandhi initiated the struggle for freedom by establishing peaceful resistance against the injustices done by the Britishers.
  4. He has always urged people to avoid violence.
  5. Due to Gandhi’s universalist principles, the UN accepted the resolution to observe the International Day Of Non-Violence on October 2.

How Should We Celebrate The International Day Of Non-Violence?

Many organizations and governmental institutions from all around the world will celebrate the International Day Of Non-Violence by organizing several activities. Here, we are listing some eminent programs you should be a part of.

  • There will be many public seminars, lectures, press conferences and discussions to promote the relevance of the International Day Of Non-Violence.
  • Several broadcast announcements and articles will be promoted on this day.
  • You can also be a part of street awareness campaigns.
  • You can also get indulged in light ceremonies promoting the importance of valuing peace and non-violence.


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When do we celebrate International Day Of Non-Violence?

We celebrate International Day Of Non-Violence of 02 October.

Why do we celebrate the International Day of Non-Violence?

We celebrate the International Day of Non-Violence on behalf of Mahatma Gandhi's birthday.