Interview Experience 2017 -13 (Manas Maity)

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IBPS PO is one of the most sought-after Government Sector job these days. Personal Interview is the final round of IBPS PO 2017-18 Recruitment. Interview experiences can help you get an insight of the difficulty level, environment, and types of questions that are asked in IBPS PO 2017-18 Interview Round. Here is the interview experience of  Manas Maity.

IDBI PGDBF PO interview 2018 experience (the main exam was held in February 2017)

Name: Manas Maity (profile name on Disqus  STRUgLING FOR a LiFE..)
From: Kolkata
Venue of the interview: IDBI HOUSE, Kolkata
Date: 08/02/2018

My panel was II and interview was scheduled at 2 p.m. After DV they asked us to enter the panel room one by one. My turn was on 6th number. The bell rang and I entered. There were 4 members, one female, and 3 male.

I greeted them, good afternoon, sir, ma’am, after I entered, they didn’t ask me to sit (doing paperwork). I was standing, after 10 secs they told me to take the seat.

M1: what is your name? Introduce yourself.
Me: told

M1: you are computer application graduate, then you have studied programming languages. Tell me how many languages you have learned?
Me: told

M1: did you develop SW? Do you know how to upload webpage on a server? Tell me the process.
Me: as I know only how to develop, never uploaded on a server. I told sir I can develop SW but I have never uploaded any. Then he said ok.

M1: what is your father’s profession?
Me: answered.

M1: what’s the price of a kilo of potato at present? (as my father is a potato merchant)
Me: answered.

M1: how much profit your father gains per packet?
Me: told.

L1: this is 2018 and you passed out in 2014. What are you doing these days?
Me: as preparing for banking exam and appeared 2 times in IBPS PO interview, I  explained all and also told that sometimes, I look after my father’s business too.

L1: then what is your daily routine?
Me: told

L1: let’s come to the banking, what is the role of RBI towards economy?
Me: told the functions of RBI. At the phrase “RBI is the banker to the banks”.

L1: could you define what it means actually?
Me: RBI through the policy rates option supplies and absorbs money from the bank to circulate the money supply to the economy.

L1: then she told me ‘why RBI controls money, if money comes to the economy it is good nah, people will have more money to buy things for themselves.
Me: No ma’am it can cause inflation to the economy. People will have more money to buy commodities but it is not necessary that with the increase of the availability of money, supply of good will also increase. So a mismatch of demand and supply will occur.

L1: then what is inflation?
Me: told

L1: how demand-supply condition is there at the time of inflation?
Me: answered

L1: you mentioned here you know only three languages. If we posted you in a Maharashtra’s remote village where no one is there who knows Hindi, English, and Bengali then how would you perform there?
Me: explained.

M2: tell me what is e-NAM.
Me: answered

M2: what is APMC?
Me: answered

M2: what is green operation recently launched in the budget?
Me: answered

M2: what is JAM? (JAM trinity)
Me: answered

M2: what is the purpose of JAM?
Me: answered

M2: what is the green revolution?
Me: answered

M2: then what is DBT?
Me: answered (direct benefit transfer is related to JAM(Jan Dhan Adhar and mobile) which is given directly to the customer’s PMJDY a/c, a direct link between the three for transparency)

M2: who is the chairman of 15th finance commission?
Me: answered

M3: what is IRDAI? Role of it?
Me: answered

M3: recently Insurance related news is there on the budget. Do you know?
Me: yes sir three insurance companies will be merged and then will be listed on stock exchange. These three companies are…  UIIC, OICL, NICL (told them in full form).

M3: what is CVC?
Me: answered

M3: who presently head this?
Me: I don’t know who will, then said sir, I can’t remember at this moment.

Then they told thank you Manas, you may leave now. I greeted them, said have a good day sir, ma’am. Ma’am replied, “you too have a good day.” I smiled and exited. It was a nice experience. I had a little more conversation with them which I can’t remember at present. The total process was like I’m talking to my 4 friends who want to know about me.

Thank you, guys.

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