Interview Tips

| Updated On May 14th, 2020 at 06:30 pm

If you are preparing for banking exams then you must be knowing the importance of interview. You cannot sail through the recruitment process without clearing this stage with flying colors. We have come across to many cases where students performs extremely well in main examination but fail in interview. Most of the organizations conducts interview for officer level posts like IBPS PO and IBPS RRB & SBI PO. All of these exams are Interview is the final part of the exam where every student has to perform well. We keep getting queries all the time from our students. These interview tips will be very helpful for you to crack your interview.

Interview Tips

Cracking interview is no tough task if you know the correct approach. We are providing you with the tips that you must follow :

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Be Confident- Yes! this is one factor that many students lack and ut can actually help you to sail through the tough recruitment process. It is very important that you should be confident enough of what you are saying. There will be many instances where they will ask you the same question again just to test your confidence. So make sure you stick to what you are saying. Confidence is the best interview tips that you can gain

Well Dress- It is very important to be dress properly for the event you are heading to. Do not wear anything casual as it will show that you are not serious for this interview. Try to wear pastel and sober colors. Do not wear loud colors. Make sure to wear shoes which are polished. Girls should neatly tie their hairs and boys should make decent hair style. This is one of the best Interview tips for freshers as they don’t have the experience.

Positive Attitude- Maintain a positive attitude through out the interview. Try to listen and understand them. Do not counter them when they are talking. Let them finish first and then speak or put your point forward.

Bank Interview Questions

Q. Why do you want to make a career in the banking sector?

Ans. Banking is one progressive sector where i can utilize my inter-personal skills. It is lucrative and challenging at the same time.

Q. What is the Full form of FDI & FPI?

Ans. FDI is Foreign Direct Investment while FPI is Foreign Portfolio Investment.

Q. How will your education help in banking sector?

Ans. This answer will vary from degree to degree.

Q. What are the challenges in banking sector?

Ans. NPA is one of the biggest challenge. Application of modern technology with safety is another.

Q. In what ways can you operate your bank accounts?

Ans. Bank accounts can be operated through four ways as given below:

  1. Branches of Bank.
  2. Mobile Banking.
  3. ATM.
  4. Internet Banking.

Q. Name some software banking applications available in the industry?

Ans. There are eight commonly used software banking applications are:

  1. Internet banking system
  2. ATM banking
  3. Core banking system
  4. Loan management system
  5. Credit management system
  6. Investment management system
  7. Stock-market management system
  8. Financial management system

Q. Define  financial management system?

Ans. A financial management system can be define as  a software used by banks and other organizations to record and control the income, assets, and expenses.This is done to maximize profits and manage finances to ensure sustainability.

Q. What is the main source of income for banks?

Ans. Loans are considered to be an assest for the banks and Banks make most of their profit by lending loans. All loans are lent at a rate of interest which acts as an income for banks.

Q. Name  the different types of loans that banks provide?

Ans. There are different type of loand that banks give out  meet various objectives. Some of them  loans provided by banks are:

  1. Secured personal loan
  2. Unsecured personal loan
  3. Small Business loan
  4. Mortgage loan
  5. Auto loan

Q. What are the  function of RBI?

Ans. The function of RBI is to issue monetary policy, regulate all the commercial banks, issue license etc.

Q. Name any three banking policies launched by government.

Ans. Three banking policies launched by government are: Sukanya samridhi yojana, Atal pension yojana, Jan Dhan Yojana.

Q. Define ACH?

Ans. ACH (Automated Clearing House) can be define as  electronic transfer of funds. It enables  the user to collect payments electronically by debiting the customer’s savings account.

Q. What do you understand by overdraft protection?

Ans. Overdraft protection refers to  a service provided by banks to its account holders. It enables a  customers to transfer money across different accounts to avoid check bounce, payment failures, etc.

We are also providing you thr links for more interview tips. Thes  links are of all the tips and experiences of our students who have faced the interview processes. Make sure you go through them and prepare your interview accordingly.