Learn From FIFA 2018 | Rise Again to Achieve your Goal

Dear Students,

The months of June & July 2018 have been a sight for the sore eyes after undertaking of the telecast of 21st FIFA World Cup 2018 being held in Eastern Europe for the first time. A quadrennial international football tournament started from 14th June 2018 in Russia where larger than life moments of dribbling, attacking, defending and much more are the cynosure and will be continued until 15 July 2018 with 32 teams subdivided in 8 groups. Eyes are stuck to the TV screens and hearts are besotted with the players’ chutzpah.

It is quite surprising and interesting at the same time that underdogs are putting their best to be on the upswing on the other hand some celebrated teams of Football world like Germany (FIFA World Cup 2014 Winner) which became a damp squib against Mexico in current ongoing FIFA World Cup 2018 Russia are under performing this time or take some other big names like Italy (4-time World Cup Winner), Netherlands (Finalists in 1974, 1978 & 2010 & semifinalists in 2014) which couldn’t even make it happen to be among the qualifying teams and the current Copa America Champions Chile took the audience aback in astonishment when it couldn’t get the ticket for Football World Cup 2018.

Watching underdogs like Croatia, Belgium & Mexico performing above than expectations is something that makes this FIFA inspiring, intriguing and irreplaceable. They are conveying the message that anyone can be a dark horse at a point of time. Skills don’t reach out to you by looking at your name, status or appearance but your hard work, persistency & never giving-up ideology. 

As a viewer, we should not hope for a forgone conclusion to guess the winning team but expect it to be enthralled enough that every player should perform in his copacetic form and they are not commemorated just as a one-trick pony in the history of football world but players who tried every trick in the book to play against all odds. We should be more than excited to watch heart throbbing goals and game skills that leave us on the edge of seat.

Be a staunch supporter of peace, joy, incredibility and fraternity. If you can’t show support & love to each & every team, at least embrace, learn and praise their team members’ efforts, skills, prolonged experience and hard work. As a student, we have lots of things to learn from this game of patience, skill, enthusiasm, persistency, devotion, passion, flexibility and presence of mind. 

How a failure in the past can turn the tables and be a winner in the present with determination. How the cut throat competition, overconfidence, insufficient practice, no will power can push you out of the race.

Now you too have a match to win. The world cup you’ll be fighting for is your career whether you are aiming for SBI Clerk, SBI PO or SSC CGL 2018 examinations, these recruitments will put forth a tough fight but you must not underestimate or overestimate yourself in regards to the competition. Give your best attempt, SSC aspirants have time to practice and turn the table so does banking aspirants as you can still aim for IBPS examinations and give your best attempt in SBI examinations. FIFA world cup gives us a teaching on How rising again can lead you to your goal, how your strong mind set can diminish your opponents’ audacity and make it possible for you to achieve which once seemed impossible.