Be The Umpire of Your Own Destiny


Instill the spirit of cricket, It’s not just about the guidelines.

12th edition of ICC World Cup 2019 has started. This time England and Wales are hosting this quadrennial multi-country event.  The 2019 World Cup features 10 teams, a decrease from previous World Cups in 2011 and 2015 which featured 14 teams. This is not only a game but also the motivation source for the aspirants of bank. Where high rank-team plays with the low-rank team. We see how low-rank team defeat the strong team by 3-D i.e., Direction, Decision, and Dedication as Bangladesh defeated South-Africa in yesterday’s match.

Watching underdogs like Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Pakistan, West-indies performing above than expectations is something that makes this cricket world cup inspiring, intriguing and irreplaceable. They are conveying the message that anyone can be a dark horse at a point of time. Skills don’t reach out to you by looking at your name, status or appearance but your hard work, persistence & the ideology of never giving-up.
Now this ICC Cricket  is a great source of inspiration if you look deeper into the essence of persistence, practice, goals you’ll find there are implications as an aspirant you can relate to your lives.
If you too are adamant and persistent in practicing to achieve your goal which can be to start your career this year, to get a govt. job, to crack banking or SSC exam, you too can achieve success. But first, you have to believe in yourself!! Do you?? Let’s see what learning can aspirants derive from the Cricket fervor.

Focus on the target: As the team focuses on systematic target, run rate, wickets. We should also set goals in life and work accordingly.  Set a goal at all stages of life and conquer all of them. Goal-oriented approach is a must. You can start by setting small goals, like trying to clear all your doubts in one of the subjects of the exam you are preparing for. When you will avoid the delay in accomplishing your smaller goals the bigger ones will automatically fall in line.

Grab the opportunity: As the team grabs the opportunity of free hit and power play, we should also grab the opportunity, learn to make the most out of opportunities. Never let them go easily. Give your best at every opportunity. If you are aiming to start a career in the banking sector then do not just go for SBI or IBPS recruitment. Understand that recruitment via Manipal PGDBF program and Insurance sector exams are also a good opportunity.
Able to handle pressure: In the crucial moments both batsman and bowler have to handle pressure. In exam student have to handle pressure when the paper is hard and testing your preparation and management skills. 
Try not to commit mistakes: ALTHOUGH NO ONE IS PERFECT, TRY TO AVOID MISTAKES. It’s not possible for anyone not to commit mistakes. But committing the same mistake, again and again, is not acceptable. Once you have such encounter, try to learn from it and avoid the same and  others in the future.
Replenish Your Energies in inning break: When you dedicate yourself wholeheartedly to something, you should always take a break to refresh and replenish yourself. A healthy mind and body will help you stay confident during preparation and exams.
Always motivated: Motivation in sports is so important because you must be willing to work hard in the face of fatigue, boredom, pain, and the desire to do other things. Motivation will impact everything that influences your sports performance: physical conditioning, technical and tactical training, mental preparation. For aspirants motivation is must.

Inspiration can come from anywhere, just like Loryn said in the ICC anthem for this year

Stand by
There’s a million other people here tonight
You know I could have a good one if I like
There’s a million other people here tonight

Hold on to the efforts and you will surely succeed. HOWZAT!