“Mindset Is The Key To Success”, says Himani Goyal | IBPS PO & Clerk – 46

Name: Himani Goyal
Selected as: IBPS PO & Clerk in Canara Bank 
From: Bathinda, Punjab 

Dear friends I started preparation for banking exams two year back after my graduation. In the first year of my preparation I wasn’t much serious about my studies. I used to waste my time on social networking sites all time. But in the second year of my preparation, I got serious about my studies. 
Firstly I decided to cut off myself from social networking sites and all other distractions. Then I prepared my mind that this is my goal and I have to achieve it. With this mindset I got new energy and started working towards it and today I got it. When asked about strategy someone says hardwork another says consistency, Other one says time management etc . But I say it’s your mindset boss. 
Consistency, hardwork are important too but I think everything depends on your mindset. Before hardwork you have to make your mindset that I have to do hardwork, before consistency you have to make your mindset that I have to bring consistency. My friends used to ask me the books I studied for the preparation but I say it’s your mindset. The one who studies a lot also has the same  books and the one who doesn’t study also have the same books but the difference is of mindset. And also meanwhile for my preparations, bankersadda helped me a lot.

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