Computer Questions for NICL AO Mains 2017

 Dear Readers,

Computer efficiency is now important in almost every stream and computer awareness is an important section in bank recruitment's Mains Examination. Practice with Computer questions for NICL AO 2017 Examination.

Q1. What is the attempt to acquire sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, and credit card details (and sometimes, indirectly, money) by masquerading as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication?
(a) Phishing
(b) Spoofing
(c) Identity theft
(d) Authentication
(e) Spamming

S1. Ans.(a)
Sol. Phishing is typically carried out by e-mail spoofing or instant messaging, and it often directs users to enter details at a fake website whose look and feel are almost identical to the legitimate one.

Q2. OSI model has how many layers?
(a) Two layers
(b) Five Layers
(c) Seven Layers
(d) Six Layers
(e) Eight Layers

S2. Ans.(c)
Sol. OSI Model stands for Open Source Interconnection and it has seven layers: Application Layer, Presentation Layer, Session Layer, Transport Layer, Network Layer, Data link Layer, Physical Layer.

Q3. Network __________ is the arrangement of the various elements (links, nodes, etc.) of a computer network. 
(a) memory
(b) topology
(c) mainframe
(d) protocol
(e) devices

S3. Ans.(b)
Sol. Network topology is the arrangement of the various elements (links, nodes, etc.) of a computer network. There are two basic categories of network topologies: Physical topologies and Logical topologies.

Q4. Which of the following terms is associated with Internet? 
(a) Plotter
(b) Slide presentation
(c) Bookmark
(d) Pie Chart
(e) Microsoft Excel

S4. Ans.(c)
Sol. A bookmark is a saved shortcut that directs your browser to a specific webpage. It stores the title, URL, and favicon of the corresponding page.

Q5. Which of the following is contained at the end of the file name and helps to determine the type of file?  
(a) File property
(b) The nomenclature
(c) The name  
(d) File subname
(e) File extension

S5. Ans.(e)
Sol. A filename extension is an identifier specified as a suffix to the name of a computer file. 

Q6. How can you access the font size tool on font dialog box in MS Word?
(a) Ctrl + S
(b) Ctrl + Shift + S
(c) Ctrl + P
(d) Ctrl + Shift + P
(e) Alt + P

S6. Ans.(d)
Sol. Ctrl + Shift + P is the shortcut key to access the font size tool on font dialog box.

Q7. Which of the following is not a binary number?
(a) 1010101
(b) 0101010
(c) 2020202
(d) 1110011
(e) 1111111

S7. Ans.(c)
Sol. Binary Numbers use only '0' and '1'.

Q8.IBM was provided software for PC DOS by which of the following company?  
(a) Microsoft
(b) Sony
(c) Google
(d) Apple
(e) None of the above

S8. Ans.(a) 
Sol. Microsoft provided Operating System to IBM PC DOS

Q9. Which of the following was used to program the first computer?
(a) Assembly language
(b) Machine language
(c) Source code
(d) Object code
(e) ASCII code

S9. Ans.(b)
Sol. Earliest computers used Machine language.

Q10.Charles Babbage is known to have conceived which of the following earliest Computing machine? 
(a) Analytical engine
(d) All of the above
(e) None of the above

S10. Ans.(a)
Sol. The Analytical Engine was a proposed mechanical general-purpose computer designed by English mathematician and computer pioneer Charles Babbage. It was first described in 1837 as the successor to Babbage's difference engine, a design for a mechanical computer.

Q11.In second generation, which type of memory was used to store data? 
(a) Paper tapes
(b) Magnetic drum
(c) Magnetic core
(d) Magnetic tape
(e) Magnetic disk

S11. Ans.(c)
Sol. In second generation, magnetic cores were used as primary memory and magnetic tape and magnetic disks as secondary storage devices. In this generation assembly language and high-level programming languages like FORTRAN, COBOL were used.

Q12.The first electronic digital computer contained _________?
(a) Electronic valves
(b) Neural Networks
(c) Fuzzy Logic
(d) Semiconductor memory
(e) None of these

S12. Ans.(a)
Sol. The first electronic digital computer contained electronic valves.

Q13. What is the blinking symbol on the screen that shows where the next character will appear? 
(a) Cursor
(b) Delete key
(c) Arrow key
(d) Return key
(e) None of these

S13. Ans.(a)
Sol. In computer user interfaces, a cursor is an indicator used to show the current position for user interaction on a computer monitor or other display device that will respond to input from a text input or pointing device. 

Q14.The dual-port version of DRAM formerly used in graphics adaptors is :
(c) VRAM
(e) None of these

S14. Ans.(c)
Sol. Video RAM, or VRAM, is a dual-ported variant of dynamic RAM (DRAM), which was once commonly used to store the framebuffer in some graphics adapters. 

Q15. Type _______to start a numbered list, and then press SPACEBAR or the TAB key.
(a) 1#
(b) 1$
(c) 1.
(d) 1*
(e) None of these

S15. Ans.(c)
Sol. 1. -> Spacebar -> enter, will start numbered list.