Preparation Strategy for South Indian Bank PO & Clerk 2019 Exam


 Strategy to Prepare With: 

South Indian Bank is going to conduct the  2019 examinations for the post of PO on the 25th of July and the examination for the clerk on the 26th of July. So, less than 10 days are left in hand and now the time is to recapitulate all you have learned to date and nothing should be added in the list now. Adda247 is here with a strategy that is more of ab boost for you guys to keep your head come and keep moving forward and stay calm before the exam.

Exam Pattern for South Indian Bank PO/Clerk 2019 – 

Sr No. Name of section No. of
Marks Medium Time allotted for each section
(Separately timed)
1. Reasoning & Computer Aptitude 40 50 English 40 Minutes
2. General/ Economy/ Banking Awareness 40 50 20 minutes
3. English Language 40 50 40 Minutes
4. Data Analysis & Interpretation 40 50 40 Minutes
Total 160 200 140 minutes

PO and Clerk – Difference in difficulty level of the examination.:

As all of you know that the South Indian Bank PO and the Clerk examinations have the same exam pattern. So we can easily expect that the difference will lie in the difficulty level of both the examination. Clerk examination can be expected to be a tad easier than the PO. Probationary Officer rank is superior to the clerk and is expected to have higher standards for the questions and difficulty level. So, you will have to be prepared accordingly.

Take help from last year’s mistakes:

Whatever you scored, and however you performed in the last exam is going to help you a lot.  If it is your first attempt fro South Indian bank examination, do not worry much. Its pattern resembles other banking examinations. So, you can easily take a reference from them. Aspirants think that failure is a setback when it is just one more test drive through the rough roads. You already got the hang of the type of question asked and the time taken by each type of question. So that you can manage your time better this time.

Be wise and revise:

You must be getting new information from all around you. People trying to help you by pitching new ideas and topics to ease your preparation are actually making it more challenging. Any new data you try to feed your brain as a booster is going to jam it. So, whatever you have learned till now, trust it and revise it thoroughly.

Practice subjects with mocks and GA with Capsule based Quiz:

Test series will bring out the perfection in you, so it is advisable to give as many mocks as you can. The students who are preparing for the PO and Clerk should go through the  GA capsule that was provided by Bankersadda. You can also Prepare from the capsule and also Adda247 is conducting a Capsule based GA quiz for SBI PO Mains but you can prepare for South Indian Bank as well. 

You have got it all under control:

Believe in yourself the preparation you have done to date is the canvas portraying all your hard work. So do not doubt even for a second that it won’t be enough. You have prepared for the examination with dedication so do not deviate from this belief.

Stay away from the Stress:

In the end, keep your confidence high and do not stress over the exam. The only thing that can save you is your revision and accuracy. Plan a smart strategy. Read every question carefully answer them within the allotted time. Eat well and don’t be the night owl. Rest and get enough sleep, especially in upcoming days.