Professional Knowledge Quiz for IBPS SO Marketing Officer : 6 January 2017

Q1. What is one of the advantages of advertisement to Producers? 
(a) Stability 
(b) Increase in Sales 
(c) Increase in Profits 
(d) Increase in Goodwill 
(e) All of above 

Q2. What is the advantage of advertisement society has? 
(a) Employment opportunity 
(b) Increase in standard of living  
(c) Encouragement to Healthy competition 
(d) Educative 
(e) All of above 

Q3. Newspapers are sold for very cheaper rates because 
(a) It contains discount coupon 
(b) It is used for criminal activities  
(c) It contains Advertisement 
(d) It enjoys subsidy 
(e) All of the above 

Q4. Which of the following is the best definitions of chain shops? 
(a) A group of consumers who band together to get and volume pricing from manufactures 
(b) A group of volunteers who shop for handicap individual 
(c) Retailers that volunteer to carry new, united Products 
(d) Independently owned retailers who are sponsored by a wholesaler to engage in bulk buying and common merchandising 
(e) None of above 

Q5. What is the basic Fundamental of Marketing Management? 
(a) The objectives of the enterprise must be the maximum satisfaction of consumer needs 
(b) Maximum retail fraud with customer 
(c) Efforts must be made to maximize the profits through maximum sales  
(d) All of above 
(e) 1 and 3 

Q6. How many fundamentals of Marketing Management has been initiated by William J. Stanton? 
(a) Seven 
(b) Ten 
(c) Two
(d) Three 
(e) Four 

Q7. Marketing management is the combination of–
(a) Analysis 
(b) Planning 
(c) Implementation 
(d) Control 
(e) All of  above  

Q8. What are is one of elements of Marketing Planning? 
(a) Determination of objective 
(b) Forecasting  
(c) Policies  
(d) Procedures 
(e) All of above 

Q9. It’s a sequence of steps to be undertaken by and enterprise to enforce a policy. Name it. 
(a) Forecasting 
(b) Procedure 
(c) Policy 
(d) Schedule 
(e) Rule  

Q10. A strategy is a particular type of ______. 
(a) Procedure 
(b) Plan 
(c) Principle  
(d) Story  
(e) Strategy