SBI PO Group Exercise & Personal Interview Experience 2017 – 39

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SBI PO is the most sought after recruitment process by banking aspirants. Group Exercise and Personal Interview is the final round (Phase-III) in SBI PO 2017 Recruitment. Last year SBI introduced a prioritization based group exercise which is also being conducted this year in the Group Discussion Round. Interview experiences can help you get an insight of the difficulty level, environment and types of questions being asked in SBI PO 2017 Group Exercise and Interview Round. Keep on reading to understand the experience of Vipul Dassani.

Interview Venue: SBI LHO, New Delhi.

Reporting Time: 10 A.M.

After a smooth document verification process, we headed to the conference hall for our GDs. After a session of introduction of the moderators and candidates, we were given the topic

GD Topic- “Is a complete ban and penalty on ragging in educational institutions justified?”

Not many points to make since many were on the same page, but somehow a few members in the group managed to argue on few points related to restricted interaction with seniors, and seniors were crossing the line. Group Discussion can be a tensed situation for some, but with confidence and clarity of thought, one can easily score in this phase. It is important to maintain the decorum of the session and avoid being too loud. Put forth your views and opinions firmly best backed by figures or facts and also let your fellow group members voice their opinions.

Group Exercise – Traits of a Strategist.

Group Exercise is performed after the discussion. In this group, exercise candidates were given a set of few qualities/ attributes/ traits/ parameters which they had to prioritize according to their understanding of the topic/ situation/ thinking ability.

  • Understanding the problems
  • Focusing on real issues
  • Understanding the process
  • Good planner
  • Leader
  • Action-oriented
  • Channelising energies
  • Good team player
We achieved consensus on 3 points.

                            Personal Interview

                            [4 panelists, a lady, and 3 male members]

                            M1 Started by asking questions in Football since I had mentioned it as a hobby in my form.

                            M1: Which very big event is going to happen in India? 
                            V: Under-17 FIFA WC, and the initial India’s games will take place in Delhi.

                            M1: Where do official football games take place in Delhi?
                            V: Jawahar Lal Nehru Stadium, and Ambedkar stadium near Feroz Shah Kotla stadium.

                            M1: You must be following international football keenly?
                            V: No sir, I’m not very keen on watching football. But since English Premier League and Spanish leagues have good broadcast partners their matches get aired in India and so I watch those on the weekend.

                            M1: Some Futsal is going to start today, what is that?
                            V: It will start on 15th. Sir, it is a little fast paced form of football with teams 5-a-side, with a little different set of rules than the normal football.

                            M1: Will this catch up with the Indian youth?
                            V: It is catching up amongst the urban areas, but since this form of game is becoming prevalent due to non-availability of ground, it should catch up with kids all around.

                            Some discussion with panel member M2 about a court game with a different type of ball which doesn’t bounce much, of which I didn’t know.

                            M1: Ok, so we were asking all these questions so that you become comfortable. In which branch did you complete your engineering?
                            V: Electrical and Electronics.

                            M1: And what did you do after that?
                            V: I worked for 3 years and then quit my job.

                            M1: You didn’t like your job?
                            V: No sir, I wanted to do something more. So…

                            M1: Give us a picture of Indian economy as of today: (I fumbled and spoke about IIP numbers, Bi-monthly Monetary policy, Forex reserves). Panel member interjected and talked about GDP number which I couldn’t remember.

                            M1: How do we accumulate the forex reserves?
                            V: RBI mops up the foreign currency in the Indian currency flow, offers schemes to foreign investors, sells treasury bills and govt securities, remittances. With a prompt from the main panel member, I said that major part comes from trade exports.

                            M1: Which part gets us the foreign exchange – Exports or Imports?
                            V: Exports help us get foreign exchange.

                            M2: Demonetisation was a success or not?
                            V: I said with the stated objectives, it was not a success. <Stated 3 objectives but forgot the 4th one about counterfeit notes, the panel member helped me recall it and I was successful in recalling it>. Talked about the objectives, how it was a shock which we didn’t deserve, there should have been measures to smoothen the process, and cash actually makes only 1% if undeclared income/black money.
                            Mentioned how Dr. Rajan said we should have done this activity only if we were ready to replace all the SBN which were to be denotified. Most of it is in form of Gold and real estate.
                            (Interjections on my points and a little digression from main points)

                            M2: To tackle the problem of black money in real estate, what measures were taken?
                            V: An important bill RERA was passed last year.

                            M2: What are the provisions in this act? 
                            V: Redressal mechanisms for home buyers, escrow account for keeping money from builders. (I was taking too much time in explaining these points)

                            F1: You have mentioned that you write, have you published any or are you compiling for the time being?
                            V: Ma’am I’m compiling my articles right now.

                            F: Which topics do you write on?
                            V: Agriculture, Economy, Current affairs, How to help uplift the poor, Bring equality, these topics appeal to me.

                            F: Apart from the general books and newspaper what do you read?
                            V: Magazines like Outlook, Open Magazine, online articles, and a few specific authors like S Varadrajan, P Sainath, Praveen Swami.

                            M1: S Varadrajan had started his own publication/news channel, what is it?
                            V: The Wire.

                            M2: Your name, Dassani, is associated with a foreign industrialist who runs a very big multinational industry. Can you name him?
                            V: Sir, I’m not aware of the individual but I know a company producing packaged drinking water ‘Dasani’, which had been acquired by Coke some time back.
                            (Was appreciated for knowing these facts while the members shared a laugh amongst themselves on an inside joke they had cracked earlier)

                            M1: Can you tell an IPO of an insurance company coming out recently?
                            V: GIC Re, SBI Life…

                            M1: Tell me which private insurance company is coming out with an IPO?
                            V: Sir, ICICI Lombard.

                            M3: Since you are a student of Science and Engineering, why do Steam burns are more severe than boiling water burns?
                            V: Sir, latent heat is present in steam which is used to convert water in liquid state to gaseous state. This extra heat causes the extra damage.

                            Thank you Vipul, that will be all, wish you all the best.

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