SBI PO Interview Experience 2016

Dear Readers,
My interview was on 1st September’16 at 10.00 AM in SBI Patna Head Office. Document verification went very smoothly, then GD started. SBI GD had a surprised this year, one was GD and the other was prioritisation. There was open GD during the whole GD process. They allotted 5 min for jotting down the points that comes to your mind, then 20 min for discussion.

GD Topic- Is technology killing Human Imagination??
I was very happy after getting this topic because I was well prepared for this topic. I noted down number of points. It was the 1st GD of my life. My performance GD was average. I had so many points to speak. I got only two chances to present my points, but my point was unique. 
“mere paas to itne saare points the ki main to uspe aadhe ghante tak akela bolte reh jauu, lekin chance hi nhi milta tha”
Some people were very aggressive, they were not giving chance to other people to present their view By the way I really enjoyed the GD process. There were 2 members on the pannel who were observing us during the whole GD process.

Then coming to 2nd stage of GD that was- Prioritisation
One of the member from the SBI’s Pannel gave papers to all candidates, there were 9 problems written on the paper, and we had to prioritise on the basis of what is the main problem of India. 5 min were given for jotting down points and other 20 min for discussion.
The problems were:
Food production
External threat
Natural Disaster
There was one more issue in this list, I cannot recall the 9th problem they gave.The instructions were: you have to present the reason of prioritization, why you have prioritize this problem as 1st problem of India, and why that problem as 2nd. 
That’s It.
GD process was completed at 12:30 PM. There were 10 people in a group. Interview was taken according to serial number. My chances came at 4:15 PM. Duration of interview was 12-15 minute.
Now coming to the INTERVIEW PROCESS
There was a pannel of 5 members, 4 male and 1 female. I was waiting for my turn, feeling myself a little bit nervous, I tried to control my nervousness, and took two deep breath, all my nervousness went away.
I knocked the door twice, opened the door and peep inside
Me: Sir! Please may I come in?
Sir: Yes! Come in
I entered into the room with a little smile on my face.
Me: Gd Afn Mam! Gd Afn Sirs! with smile
CSir: Gd Afn! Please have your seat with smile.
Me: Thank you sir.
CSir: You have opted interview in Hindi medium
Me: Yes Sir.
CSir: OK, to fir Hindi me baat krte hai.
Me: Sure Sir!
I was very happy. They were very friendly. I was very confident during in my interview.
CSir: Aap B.Tech krke banking sector me kyu aana chahte ho??
Me: Answered, all look satisfied.
Sir: OK
Mam: From where you have done your B.Tech?
Me: Answered
Mam: Which university?
Me: Answered
Sir2: Tell me something unique that you looked there?
Me: Answered, Looking satisfied
Sir2: What is GDP Growth rate now?
Me: Answered
Sir2: Why GDP is went down??
Me: Answered, Looking satisfied
Sir2: contribution of agriculture sector in GDP??
Me: Sry sir, I don’t know
Sir3: Longest river of the world?
Me: Answered.
Sir: Ye kisko connect krta hai??
Me: sry sir, I am not able to recall it now.
Sir3: Area ke hisaab se sabse badda county kon sa hai?
Me: Answered
Sir3: Good with smile
Sir3: Population ke hisaab se sabse bada country kon sa hai??
Me: Answered.
Sir3: India Ki population kitni hai??
Me: Answered.
Sir3: Literacy rate of Bihar?
Me: Answered.
Sir3: Good! Kis state ka literacy ka higher rate hai??
Me: Answered.
Sir3: Sabse kam kiska hai??
Me: Answered.
Sir3: Kerala ka literacy rate kitna hai?
Me: Answered.
Sir: OK, Bihar ka population btao.
Me: Sry sir, I dnt kno
CSir: OK Vivek, If you have any question you can ask me or if you want to 
tell me something about yourself you can tell me freely.
Me: I also want to tell you that I have completed my final year project in a team, so I also hv the ability to work in a team.
CSir: Very good!, what was you project?
Me: Answered.
Mam: Please explain It.
Me: Explained in very well defined manner, they were satisfied with my answer.
Mam: Kuchh din pehle maine isse related ek news padha tha, sayad kuchh tumhare project se hi related tha
Me: I told the news. 
CSir: Very Good
Csir: OK Vivek, You can go now.
Me: Thank you sir! Thank you mam!
Me: Told Good Day sirs and Good day mam
That’s it.
That was how my SBI PO 2016 GD and Interview went. And I would advice all aspirants you should always be confident about your self be truthful and answer smartly.