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| Updated On May 28th, 2020 at 12:41 pm

Success Stories

Institute Of Banking And Personnel Selection Board has finally released the much-awaited result of IBPS PO, Clerk and SO 2020. Thousands of students were eagerly waiting for the result to be declared as it has got delayed this year. Thousands of our students have come out with flying colors and those who couldn't make it this time do not lose hope. Remember, even Sachin Tendulkar gets out on zero but this doesn't make him any less of a great player. At this moment what you need is the motivation and to get motivation the best way is to go through the stories of those who make it this time. You will learn a lot from their mistakes, the strategy they use and their way of approaching failure will help you to cope at this moment.

All these students who have succeeded are our students so, one thing we can tell you for sure is that they were exactly at the same place last year where you are now. You have to prepare yourself mentally to start all over again with the same potential and enthusiasm. These stories will push you to your limits. These success stories consist of students who are working professionals, who are mothers, who have failed multiple times before, who once were novice and lost. Learn how they cope up with their circumstances and come out as Heroes.

We will be publishing these stories in order to help you to prepare a better strategy for your next attempt. Read them and understand a common pattern followed by each one of them to be the achievers. These stories gives an insight in the struggles every individual had to deal with during his preparation journey. Every journey is unique in it's own way and if you are one of those who have achieved his dream then do share your success story with us. We the team bankersadda, will publish your story so that every aspirant can take inspiration from your journey, learn from your methods and understand that what it actually takes to become an achiever from an aspirant!! Send your Success Story with your photograph and a short video clip about your journey to

Success Stories