Syllogism Concept: Concept on Few, Only a few, Only and Some not.

A few days are left for LIC AAO 2019 And SBI PO, Clerk Mains are lined up in the coming months. Syllogism concept is not new to the students and it asked in every exam. It is a topic that is solved in very little time and with 100% accuracy. LIC AAO 2019 Preliminary exam came with the new ways of asking the questions syllogism. The concept of Few, Only a few, and Only are coming in every exam so this topic is important. We are providing some concepts of syllogism.
First, we start with some basic concept of Syllogism-

There are three types in syllogism-

1. Positive– where we are 100% sure.
2. Negative– In this, we are sure that it doesn’t
3. Possibility– In this we are not 100% sure but Possible case may occur. In syllogism, a conclusion which is not 100% sure, it’s possibilities can happen i.e we are doubtful in saying it but the possibility may occur
1. Positive conclusion-

Example1. Statement

All books are pens.
All pens are copy.
Now Check for the conclusion

All book are copy– is right because all part of book in copy
All pen are copy-is wrong
Some books are pens– if all relation is follow then some relation is also follow
Some pens are books– is right
Some copy are pen– is right
All pens are book– This is doubtful we are only sure for some part of pen not all part of pen.

Here- In positive sentences Negative and possible conclusions are false.

2. Negative conclusion-statement
All books are pen
No pens is copy

No book is copy-here no pen is copy so no book is copy is right.
No copy is pen– is right.

3. Possible case- In syllogism, conclusion which is not 100% sure, it’s possibilities can happen i.e we are doubtful in saying it but possibility may occurs
All apple are mango
Some mango are orange
It is possible that all mango are apple
It is possible that some orange are not apple- right

Now the concepts which are asked in the exam in recent exams-

Only a few, a few introduced in banking exams.
Only a few– means only “some” not “all”.
1. Only a few A are B implies that-

1. Some A are B
2. All A are B is a possibility is false because Only a few A are B. All A cannot be B
3. all B can be A.

Some Painter are Brush
only a few brush is color
all red is color.

All brush is color is a possibilty- is wrong here
All color is painter is a possibility is right

b) “few” is same as “some
1. few A are B implies that-

Some A are B
All A are B is a possibility
Some B are A.

c) Concept of Only

Only “A is B” is same as “all B are A“.

1. Only Chairs are tables.
2. Some Chairs are Books

Books being table is a possibility- Wrong here because the only chair is table no one else becomes Table, 

All book can be chair- Right, here possibility is ask 
all chair can be a book- Wrong if all chair are book then all table become book which violates the only chair is table statement.
Some more examples of-
1. Statement-
Only a few tests are exams
only a few exams are papers
all papers are interviews

All test being exam is a possibility-wrong because of only a few tests are exam
No interview is a test- wrong we can’t say here. It is the doubtful and doubtful condition is false
4. Statement-
All Nuts are crackers
All crackers are chocolate
No chocolate is a  dairy milk

Only chocolate are nuts- is wrong – here cracker is also nut so only chocolate is nut is not possible 
only nuts are chocolate.
No crackers are dairy milk- is right
The examination may combine it with “some not concept”
Some A is not B implies
All A are B is false
All B can be a possibility.
Note- In some not we check for-
if “All” is possible then “Some not” is false
Some lions are dogs
All dogs are rat
Some rats are not tiger

Some tiger are not dog- wrong- here all tiger may be dogs so some not is false
Some rat are not lion- wrong we are not sure for some.
All tiger are lion is a possibility- right.

This is the end of this course-

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