The Difference Between an Aspirant and an Achiever

The dreams that you carry in your eyes and all the hope that you carry in your heart are fuelled by the aspiration. You live on them. Waking up in the morning, looking at the reflection of the person you have become and comparing it with the persona you had years ago. The walk was long since the day you started and still haven’t reached the apex, because the aspirations are not yet achieved. As the title is raising a question, asking whether you are an aspirant or an achiever. The answer is not that hard, if you have satisfaction of reaching the top of the mountains and there is a view so bliss painting all that you accomplished and trail you left behind has blossomed than you are an achiever, but if you still don’t have the clear view of horizon and there is a feeling of inadequate efforts you are still on road with the tag of aspirant.

When you start something new, there are two possibilities, either you complete the task and taste victory or leave the efforts in the middle and repent on all your decisions. There is no way that you will stick at a place if you are consistent, you can never solidify at a place. Consistency is like a river, it will reach the ocean anyway, no matter the height of the obstacles that are laid in the path. No one can ever assure that the completion of any task can go hustle free. There is always something that will be the hindrance, divert your mind from the goal or make you lose confidence in you. When you let all these thoughts in your head you make things difficult for yourself. 
Aspirations are born every day and it is not bad to dream,Start the day like, spread your wings as far as you can, taste the freshness of the air, the smell of the blossoms, hear the peaceful music of nature and dream with open eyes and then go out and work hard to make them a reality. 

Start as an Aspirant like the caterpillar, mold yourself in the hard work and efforts like a cocoon and then become an Achiever like the butterfly with colorful wings and the power to fly high.

With this, all the very best for upcoming examinations.