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Tips and Tricks to solve Parajumbles
What is sentence rearrangement or Parajumbles?
Sentence rearrangement or Parajumbles is a very common and important topic in various Government Job exams especially Bank Exams. Para-Jumble refers to a paragraph wherein the sentences forming it are jumbled. So, we are required to arrange the sentences in a proper manner such that they link and form a coherent paragraph. You must know the right approach to solve these questions as these can fetch you good marks in the exams. 
Here are some hints and rules which can help you have a command over this topic and solve the Questions well.
1. Scan all the sentences:
The first and foremost thing is to read or scan all the sentences to get an idea about the topic. Try to get a feel of what the passage is about.
2. Go Through the Options:
If you have a question in which options are given regarding the rearrangement of sentences or the sequence of sentences, the go through these options and try to find out the most correct sequence amongst these. 
3. Figuring out the Opening sentence:
After reading out all the sentences, the opening or the starting sentence can be easily figured out as it usually depicts place, time or name. It generally will be the one providing some introductory line. Try to find it out after reading all the sentences.
4. Establish a link Between the Sentences:
The best way is to establish a link between any two (or more) statements. Once a link is found, you get to know which statements will come together. Then, look in the options. Select the option with those statements together.
5. Keep a track on the Pronouns:
Pronouns can be helpful in connecting the sentences with each other. Keep a track on the pronoun and try to link the sentences accordingly.
6. Find the Concluding Statement:
The concluding statement is the one having the conclusion and is the ending sentence. Moreover, it may be the sentence that contains the summary of the whole paragraph in short.
Now, along with doing it accurately you also need to solve these questions in minimum time. Try reading newspapers and articles to improve your reading ability and practice as many questions as possible to have a good command over the topic. 
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