Tips and Tricks To Solve Cloze Test Questions For Bank and Other Competitive Exams

Study Notes are really essential and effective while preparing for any competitive exam. We all have been making and studying through study notes since our childhood. Its one of the most important steps of preparation and a very effective tool for last minute revision. Your mind collects data of random details in the form of keywords and memory maps visualized during preparation. Jotting down main phrases & keywords, making memory maps and highlighting important facts help one speed up the learning process.  


A Cloze Test Passage is similar to a reading comprehension where in a certain set of words are missing. A cloze test has a defined structure, logical pattern and chronological order which has the same tone throughout the passage. In order to solve cloze test questions, proficiency in English Language is a must. A candidate must have both vocabulary as well as good grammatical skills to solve these questions with efficiency.Most of the competitive exams like IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk, SBI PO, etc.. have cloze test questions and one can easily score good marks with good practice of such questions. There are a few cloze test tips and and tricks as follows:

Tip 1: Analyze the tone of the passage: - 
It is important to analyze the tone of the cloze test and in order to do that one has to read the cloze test properly just like a reading comprehension passage. Understand the idea and the tone of the cloze test. This will make it easier to fill the blanks in the cloze test.

Tip 2: Linking the sentences and understanding the pattern:-
 While filling the blanks, make sure you understand the pattern of the individual sentence as well where the blank is placed. The linking of the words/phrases before and after individual blank is important. 

Tip 3: Important considerations to keep in mind while deciding amongst the options:
  •  Get rid of the most unlikely option in terms of the context of the passage.
  •  Keeping in mind the tone of the passage, check for the most frequently used words.
  • After selecting the most likely option,then check for grammar of the sentence post filling the blank 

Tip 4: After filling all the options, make sure that you read the passage once more.

Tip 5: Practice 4-5 cloze tests on a daily basis to increase your efficiency as it is one of those sections where one can easily score marks if one has practiced well.

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