When You “Coordinate” Your Mind and Body, You Have Unlimited Access To The Wisdom Of The Universe

Nature compels us to move forward through life. We can not remain stationary in life. Every right thinking person not only wants to move through life but also to develop, improve and enhance his mental skills accompanied with his physical health. This lead to the ultimate wisdom of the Universe.

Mind and Body plays a crucial role in the life of a person. If you keep on moving merely without taking mind and body together, you will lose in a long run.

“Like a battery, the human mind and body must be fully discharged to stretch their capacity”

What is the key to ulitmate wisdom than?

Merely, moving forward doesn’t mean you will find the wisdom. To reprimand, you have to go through fire and water. You have to make a coordination between your mind and body so as to get ultimate wisdom of this Universe. When you manage to balance your mind and body, your wisdom days are cheek by jowl.

“Don’t make the body do what the spirit does best, and don’t put a big load on the spirit that the body could easily carry.”

Relax your mind, calm down and make a balance between mind and body. After-all, you have to live in this universe and without it you are nothing. So, do not put burden on either your spirit, mind and body. Remember, wisdom is not gained in one go but a lot of patience and coordination is needed to achieve the ultimate wisdom.

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