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World Mosquito Day 2023, Date and Facts

World Mosquito Day 2023

Our globe represents many crucial days daily, and out of them, World Mosquito Day is considered to be unique. Every year World Mosquito Day 2023 is observed on 20 August. This day celebrates the discovery initiated by a British Doctor named Ronald Ross. He found that female anopheles mosquitoes are responsible for transmitting malaria between human beings. The following discovery took place during Dr. Ronald’s 25 years of experiment in Indian Medical Services. He even got honored with the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1902. Moreover, the following date also enlightens the effective measures of healthcare professionals and how they are fighting efficiently to combat diseases. In this post, we will discuss the history of World Mosquito Day 2023’s history, its significance, facts, and more.

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World Mosquito Day 2023 Date

World Mosquito Day 2023 is going to be commemorated on 20 August. This day influences multiple healthcare facilities to be celebrated. Moreover, this day also makes people aware of the hazards of mosquitoes. People should understand how to protect themselves from diseases and combat these malicious insects. Even to this date, the bad effects of malaria and dengue are unstoppable. People are dealing with several diseases due to mosquitoes. So, we need to understand the adverse effects of this unhealthy situation and acquire the right medications. Let us get into World Mosquito Day 2023 history and unveil how this day came into existence.

World Mosquito Day 2023 History

World Mosquito Day 2023 highlights the date on which Sir Ronald Ross discovered that the transmission of malaria is done by female anopheles mosquitoes. He had done this by verifying the pigmented malaria parasites found in mosquitoes that fed an infected person’s blood. So, to make this discovery amplified and recognizable among the audiences, Dr. Ross initiated World Mosquito Day for the first time. Since then, 20 August has been remembered in his name, and the globe celebrates his remarkable discovery.

World Mosquito Day 2023 Significance

Medical development has shown tremendous over the years. However, mosquito-borne health issues still have the grip. Every year hundreds of thousands of deaths happen due to these diseases. Most importantly, Asian and African countries are suffering from mosquito-borne diseases in a high amount. So, we must be aware of these diseases and destruct this threat forever. On the occasion of World Mosquito Day 2023, we have an opportunity to raise awareness regarding this topic. Many leading events will take place to fight this situation and to make this world a healthy place to live.

World Mosquito Day 2023 Interesting Facts

Here we have listed some of the most interesting facts related to World Mosquito Day.

  • As per the analysis of World Health Organization, Malaria is the only disease that leads to around 400,000 deaths approximately every year.
  • Mosquitoes are effectively responsible for around one million deaths every year.
  • Some of the deadliest diseases caused by the infectious mosquitoes are dengue, yellow fever, elephantiasis, zika, malaria and more.
  • Our earth consist of around 3,000 species of mosquitoes that are harmless.
  • Female mosquitoes feed bloods of human during their time of breeding. They do so to intake protein.


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When do we observe World Mosquito Day 2023?

Every year on 20 August we observe World Mosquito Day.

What is the theme of World Mosquito Day 2023?

The theme has not been decided for World Mosquito Day 2023.

Where can I get a brief history of World Mosquito Day 2023?

The brief history of World Mosquito Day 2023 can be found in the above article.

Why World Mosquito Day is celebrated?

World Mosquito Day is observed to marks the discovery of Dr. Ronald Ross in which he found that female anopheles mosquitoes are responsible for transmitting malaria among human beings.

On which day World Mosquito Day 2023 will fall.

This year World Mosquito Day 2023 will fall on Sunday.