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10 Days Study Plan for SBI Clerk Mains 2019

10 Days Study Plan for SBI Clerk Mains 2019 |_20.1

SBI Clerk Mains 2019: Practice with the best

The SBI Clerk Mains 2019 is scheduled for the 10th of August and students must be giving the final touches to their preparations. We know that these final days are very crucial for all the aspirants. What you need at this moment is a foolproof plan to utilize the time left up to max and conquer this year’s SBI Clerk Mains examination. Adda247 has always been dedicated to your growth, success, and excellence. We have already have made the ‘Dream’ study plan, under which quizzes were provided to the students on a regular basis. But ten days before the exam the strategy needs some essential changes so here is a 10 days study plan for the SBI Clerk Mains. 

 10 days study plan for the SBI Clerk Main

Date Reasoning Ability Quantitative Aptitude English Language General Awareness
(5 – 6 Month Current Affairs)
31st July Floor puzzle, coding-decoding,
Pie Chart DI, Quadratic equations,
Data Sufficiency, Wrong Number Series
Error correction, Para jumble,
GA Power Capsule, The Hindu Review
1st August Circular Puzzle, Direction,
Radar DI, Percentage, SI & CI,
Profit and Loss, Mensuration
columns, cloze,
Reading comprehension
GA Power Capsule, Weekly one-liners
2nd August Mix puzzle, blood relation,
Bar Graph DI, Boat and Stream,
Mixture and Allegation, Percentage
Inferences, Error Correction,
Para jumble
GA Power Capsule,
The Hindu Current Affairs Quiz
3rd August Square puzzle, blood relation,
short puzzle
Table DI, Average, Problems on age,
Ratio and Proportion,
Reading comprehension,
GA Power Capsule, GA Quiz
4th August Box puzzle, Data sufficiency,
blood relation
Simplifications, Approximations Age Problem,
Ratio and Proportion,
fillers, error correction,
GA Power Capsule,
Banking Awareness quiz
5th August Month based Puzzle,
Line Graph DI, Pipe and Cistern,
Time and Work,
Sentence breaks, inferences,
GA Power Capsule,
Static Awareness Quiz
6th August Circular puzzle, input-output,
Quantity Comparison, Permutation
and Combination, Probability, Mixed DI
Starters, Conjunction,
Paragraph completion
GA Power Capsule,
One-liners question & Answers
7th August linear puzzle, logical
Caselet DI, Miscellaneous,
Problems on Trains
Cloze, Reading comprehension GA Power Capsule,
Union Budget 2019-2020
8th August Floor puzzle, short puzzle
Funnel DI, Miscellaneous, Average,
Number Series
Error, word usage, conjunction GA Power Capsule,
Union Cabinet Ministry
9th August Practice Test Practice Test Practice Test GA Power Capsule, The Hindu Review
Take the reference from this study table and practice on a daily basis. 

Other than this let’s have a look at the basic strategies one should keep in mind while preparing for the exam so that all the preparation doesn’t wind up in a mess because of the stress and anxiety.

Study plan to rescue:

The first step for any exam preparation is the study plan, planning out a strategy that fits you. Adda247 provides you with the study plan on the important upcoming examinations without fail. Now 10 days before the main exam you need a different approach that includes revising the topics which are important from the examination point of view. We have taken care of this headache and rolled out a generalized plan on how you should move forward with the preparations.

Implementation of the study plan:

The next step is to work on the plan you organized for the examinations. What good will come from all that hard work if it is not implemented the right way at the right time?  Actions bear fruit if they are sown in the right season that is the preparation time. So practice on each topic without fail. Don’t be biased about the topics you are good at. Dedicate the time to the sections that give you chills. Who knows when the luck favors, these extra efforts may help you score more.

Mocks and Test series are your pal:

Want to make friends who support and guide you through the preparation time? Well, these two will never disappoint you. They will help you grow by providing more than just insight into the examination hall. Giving tests on a daily basis will make you aware of the silly mistakes you do here and there and will alarm you in the examination hall when you come across the same question.

Don’t put anything new on the plate:

Trying to grasp anything new at this moment will flood the brain way over its capacity, which should be avoided at any cost. It won’t do any good rather degrade the performance on the D-day and also demote your confidence. And that is the thing we surely have to avoid. As they say old is gold stick with the preparation to date, revise them and boost up the confidence. 

Be calm and avoid negatives:

Even after reading and revising everything, one little thing will make every preparation go in vain and that is the stress. You press on your nerves thinking, how the exam will go? Are you prepared enough or not? Will you be able to perform well? Will you pass the examination? These questions will knock on the door but, marks the words that you will be a grave danger if you allow this bug inside. Believe that the preparation to date is what you could have done best for this exam, so you will surely perform well in the mains. Believe you are built for this.

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