General Awareness Quiz for SBI/IBPS Exam

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General Awareness is one of the extremely important part of the banking examination syllabus and most of the students always remain confused about what to study, especially in GA portion. So, in order to solve this problem, BA is going to  introduce GA special quiz on daily basis which will be strictly based on the format of upcoming banking examinations in 2016.

Q1. The first Regional Rural Bank in India was sponsored by Syndicate Bank on 2 October 1975. What is the name of that bank and where is it located ?
a) Kashmir Bank at Jammu in Jammu and Kashmir
b) Chikmagalur Gramin Bank at Chikmagalur in Karnataka
c) Pallavan Gramin Bank in Tamilnadu
d) Lucknow KGH Gramin Bank in Uttar Pradesh
e) Prathama Grammen bank at Moradabad in Uttar Pradesh

Q2. Libya, officially the State of Libya, is a country in the Maghreb region of North Africa bordered by the Mediterranean Sea to the north, Egypt to the east, Sudan to the southeast, Chad and Niger to the south, and Algeria and Tunisia to the west. What is the capital of Libya?
a) Cairo
b) Tripoli
c) Havana
d) Damascus
e) None of the above

Q3. ___________ is a specified minimum fraction of the total deposits of customers, that commercial banks have to hold as reserves either in cash or as deposits with the central bank.
a) MSF
b) Bank Rate
c) SLR
d) Repo Rate
e) CRR

Q4. World Cancer Day unites the world's population in the fight against cancer. World Cancer Day is celebrated on?
a) Feb 14
b) Feb 12
c) Jan 12
d) Feb 04
e) March 08

Q5. Vijaya Bank is a medium-sized Public Sector Bank with presence across India. It is one of the nationalised banks in India. Where are the headquarters of Vijaya Bank?
a) Mumbai
b) New Delhi
c) Bengaluru
d) Kolkata
e) Pune

Q6. Rajnath Singh was elected as Member of Parliament to the 16th Lok Sabha from the constituency of?
a) Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh
b) Ghajiabad, Uttar Pradesh
c) Patna Sahib, Bihar
d) Darbhanga, Bihar
e) Hamirpur, Himachal Pradesh

Q7. "Green Signals: Ecology, Growth and Democracy in India" has been written by?
a) Pranab Mukherjee
b) Narendra Modi
c) P Chidambaram
d) Jairam Ramesh
e) None of the above

Q8. Punjab, a state bordering Pakistan, is the heart of India’s Sikh community. Where is the capital of Punjab?
a) Amritsar
b) Chandigarh
c) Ludhiana
d) Jalandhar
e) None of the above

Q9. Who is Anjali Bhagwat?
a) Film actress
b) Author
c) Artitecture
d) Politician
e) Shooter

Q10. GAAR, a controversial system that seeks to empower taxmen to clampdown on deals and income suspected to have been structured to avoid paying taxes. GAAR stands for?
a) General Anti Avoidance Rules
b) General Anti Avoidance Region
c) Global Anti Avoidance Rules
d) General Anti Agreement Rules
e) None of the above

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