New Pattern English Questions for Syndicate Bank PO 2017


Directions (1-15): In each of the following questions, a statement and five choices are given. Select from among the choices, the most logical complement and mark its number as your answer.

Q1. The flight of IT talent to foreign shores is causing Indian companies to move into shutdown mode.
(a) Software professionals in India feel that working abroad is more lucrative.
(b) Indian software professionals are considered as demigods.
(c) Immigrant Indians are the biggest IT group in the US.
(d) Due to the severe shortage of IT professionals, companies are failing to complete projects and are unable to sign contracts.
(e) The bad economic situation in the US can lead to some of the IT companies shutting down.

Q2. The owners of private educational institutions have conveniently stepped into the shoes of shrewd businessmen, due to the absence of government control over them.
(a) The importance of education in the development of society cannot be underestimated.
(b) The inability of government schools to educate the vast population resulted in the mushrooming of private institutions.
(c) The owners of private educational institutions are more interested in monetary gains than in imparting quality education.
(d) People generally believe that the standard of lower compared to private institutions.
(e) It is sad that education is slowly going into the hands of businessmen whose main concern is anything but quality in education.

Q3. More and more people from villages are giving up agricultural farming and migrating to cities.
(a) in search of alternative sources of employment as agriculture is mainly dependent on the mercy of nature.
(b) in search of better standards of living in cities.
(c) in search of better educational prospects for their children.
(d) because city life is comparatively more glamorous.
(e) this mass immigration to urban areas in the long run can prove to be detrimental.

Q4. One-day cricket matches have become immensely popular all over the world.
(a) Construction of large stadium with good facilities.
(b) Corporate giants who sponsor the event prefer one day matches because of better viewership.
(c) Cricket boards are encouraging their respective cricket teams to play matches with different competitors.
(d) As one-day cricket matches are being telecast all over the world people are able to watch them with sustained interest.
(e) Cricket, in India is like a religion, with so much fan following.

Q5. The Indian market is now flooded with a variety of world class automobiles when compared to the past when people had a limited choice.
(a) Indian roads have become comparatively better over the years.
(b) Liberalization of Indian economy is the cause for this.
(c) People have become more quality conscious.
(d) Indian roads are already clogged and Tata’s new small car is only going to add fuel to the fire.
(e) Various multi-nationals have recognized India as a country with tremendous prospects and potential.

Q6. Understanding the mental processes of others – metalizing -
(a) is the basis of our socialization and what makes us human.
(b) is the beginning for mental disabilities.
(c) the frontal lobes were the most critical region for visual perspective.
(d) is what sets the strongest evidence on humans as Pisces.
(e) is the control we have on others.

Q7. The world’s smallest robot
(a) turns on a chair and parks on a chrome.
(b) turns on a dime and parks on a nickel.
(c) is limited by its size.
(d) is to work on evolved languages.
(e) is the last ditch stand for all of us.

Q8. If you want to learn to write well
(a) you must wait until you have an inspiration.
(b) be alert; you learn to write by writing.
(c) it is essential to practice regularly and frequently.
(d) remember, even among the most popular writer’s inspiration is rare.
(e) practice till you become perfect.

Q9. Digestion is especially active in plants when seeds sprout
(a) as they are very tasty to eat and nutritious.
(b) because the stored food of seeds in the form of starch is converted into simpler substances.
(c) because starch is very hard to digest.
(d) because digestive enzymes act vigorously in the seeds.
(e) because enzymes act violently in the digestive system.

Q10. Conifers are very useful to man
(a) as they are edible and liked by all.
(b) as they produce large number of flowers with great fragrance.
(c) as they provide large amounts of soft wood for construction and for paper industries.
(d) as they provide numerous roots and are called walking roots.
(e) as they provide roof material to mankind.

Q11. Bacteria have a wider distribution than any other living organisms.
(a) as they are unicellular and extremely small in size.
(b) because they can fly in the air and walk on water as well as land.
(c) because they occur in large numbers in air, soil and water.
(d) because they can’t manufacture their own food.
(e) as they are quick to spread and are strong in survival.

Q12. Galileo discovered with the help of the newly invented telescope that
(a) the sun is too near to the earth.
(b) the moon is not a perfect sphere and there are many more stars in the sky.
(c) the earth is not a circle and many meteors fall on to the earth.
(d) asteroids are similar to meteors and are not circular in shape.
(e) The earth’s satellite is the moon.

Q13. The refraction of light in a prism reveals the fact that it forms a convenient medium for spread of light.
(a) it forms a convenient medium for spread of light.
(b) the mixture of all colours are embedded in black colour.
(c) it can’t pass light through it.
(d) it forms a denser medium to pass light through it.
(e) ordinary white light is a mixture of many different colours of light.

Q14. A foreign citizen acquiring Indian citizenship through nationalization.
(a) must belong to any country without any qualification.
(b) must keep the citizenship of any other country before acquiring it.
(c) may acquire it in extraordinary cases only.
(d) must either reside in India or serve the Government of India for at least one year immediately preceding the date of application.
(e) cannot allow other countries citizenship to continue.

Q15. Cinema, no doubt, has become one of the dominant medium of communication in the contemporary world.
(a) It carries with itself the power to transcend the limitations of space and time.
(b) It attracts people from all walks of life.
(c) It conveys both good and bad message.
(d) It is the only source of entertainment.
(e) Its influence on the common man cannot be ignored.

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