Night Class: Quantitative Aptitude Questions for IBPS RRB and IBPS PO 2017

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Quantitative Aptitude is a very important section you must prepare if you are aiming for a job in bank or insurance sector. As only 2 Days are left for IBPS RRB PO Prelims, these 15 questions can help you practice two very important topics of Quant Section- Quadratic Equation Simplification and Data Interpretation.

Directions (1-5): In these questions, two equations numbered I and II are given. You have solved both the equations and mark the appropriate option.
Give answer:
(a) If x>y
(b) If x≥y
(c) If x<y
(d) If relation between x and y cannot be determined
(e) If x≤y

Directions (6-10): What should come in place of question mark (?) in the following questions?

Q8. 820.15 + 2379.85 + 140.01 × 4.99 = ?
(a) 4400
(b) 3900
(c) 3000
(d) 4000
(e) 4300

Q9. 39.97% of 649.8 ÷ 13.05 = 45.12 – ?
(a) 40
(b) 15
(c) 25
(d) 10
(e) 30

Q10. (674.87 + 59.98 ) ÷ 35.02 = ?
(a) 29
(b) 27
(c) 19
(d) 21
(e) 11

Directions (11-15): Study the pie-chart carefully to answer the following questions.

Q11. Find the ratio of the total number of boys studying in Math, Hindi and Art to the girls in same subjects?
(a) 23/29
(b) 29/23
(c) 25/27
(d) 21/25
(e) None of these

Q12. What is the total number of boys studying all the subjects?
(a) 2600
(b) 3000
(c) 2912
(d) 2845
(e) None of these

Q13. Find the average number of all candidates studying in Math, Science and History.
(a) 988
(b) 1122
(c) 867
(d) 980
(e) None of these

Q14. What is the percentage of boys studying in Math, English and Art to the total candidates studying the same subjects? (approximately)
(a) 60%
(b) 66%
(c) 67%
(d) 64%
(e) 70%

Q15. Find the difference between boys studying in Hindi, Art and English and girls studying in Math, Science and History?
(a) 68
(b) 63
(c) 59
(d) 45
(e) 52


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