Are we really modern???

What is modernization? It is a term used to explain the concept of transformation of an underdeveloped society into a modern one as well as its change towards a better social, economic and political systems. A deep penetration through this definition of modernization pushes us to question the modernization in our own country. Are we really modern or it's just an illusion?

After Supreme Court's decision that sexual intercourse by a man with his minor wife would be rape, there arises a big question about the child marriages being illegal in India. On one hand, Supreme court denies the validation of a marriage in which either of the two is a minor, on the other hand, it says sexual intercourse with a minor wife is a rape. The court itself has accepted the fact that child marriages are still so prevalent that it needs to implement a few more rules in order to protect minors from further exploitations after getting married. Is this modernization?

Till the problems like child marriages are still prevalent in this country, we cannot simply say that we are modern. We need to resolve the issues like child marriages to become modern in the real sense. To tackle this menace, just putting bans on different ill practices wouldn't do, the best bet would actually be a sociological approach. What government needs to do is to badger the nation to educate and empower the women as well the people and that is the only key that can help India attaining the modernization in a true sense.



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