Never Give Up. Today Is hard, Tomorrow Will Be Worse, But The Day After Tomorrow Will Be Sunshine. (Ripunjoy Baruah, NICL AO)

Hello Guys,
Name: Ripunjoy Baruah
Graduation: B Tech Mechanical Engineering 2014 Passout. 
Working in Tech Mahindra from 4/12/2014 till date. Started Preparation from Oct 2015. So it’s a 2 year struggle.

Success is sweet. When I saw NICL recruitment, I had no idea that I would be among the 205 officers of our country where we have lakhs of guys fighting for a government job, I was rather much focused for SBI which had 2000+ posts. Failure was obviously my best friend. It began from CGL 15, LIC AAO 16, UIIC AO 16, CGL 16, SBI PO 16, IBPS PO 16, IPPB 17, SBI 17. Until you don’t learn to embrace your failure you cannot be successful. Pre was never my concern as I am quite fast in solving easy problems. I am sharing 2 strategies One for PRE and one for Mains.

The strategy applied

Pre is fast and furious: I divide my Pre exam into 4 sections.

  • I begin with English and complete within 10 mins. I leave comprehension except for synonyms and all stuff like that (24 Questions approx.) 
  • Next, I move to quant where I solve Series, Quad, DI, and Simplification within 15-20 mins.
  • Next Reasoning is on with full swing. 
  • As soon as 5 mins are left, I switch to the miscellaneous problems in quant because, in those 5 mins, solving a puzzle will be hectic rather I can solve 3-4 misc questions. 

SBI PO 17 I got 67 and IBPS PO I got 56. I can proudly say I never failed any prelims exam till date.

Mains is cool and composed: So, speaking about mains, it’s a completely different mindset. Its all about picking right questions rather than attempting a lot.
  • GK is the soul of any mains examination and for this, I relied completely on BA capsule and daily quizzes from BA. They were the hidden engineers behind this monumental achievement of NICL AO.
  • Coming to Reasoning, it is a completely dynamic pattern paper. It's unpredictable and dangerous. You are unaware of any question until and unless you see it. A successful guy comes out when he knows how to choose the right question and that comes with experience and practice.  Ego is to be controlled here at max or else it will harm you in return. 
  • Quant is totally on practice. I used to do BA quizzes and DIs regularly. Clear your misc concepts for mains. 
  • English has always been a terror for all of us. I was always traumatized by this subject. Even in SBI mains, I scored only 7 I guess. Constant quizzes in the WhatsApp groups helped me a lot. Kudos to all who helped me.

As a whole, this success was because of the revolution of online free coaching started by BA due to which many materials were available for free. Apart from BA, many WhatsApp groups which I joined helped me a lot and I made use of it to full extent. Internet learning is dynamic which helps to stay updated and look yourself amongst others. Competitive exams aren’t something where you need to be the best. They demand smartness. They demand you to hide your weakness and show your strengths.  

Overall, friends, I am also a normal guy like you all who cleared the exam. 'Never give up' is my policy and yes you can crack an exam even while doing a job.

Last but not the least. Compete with the inner you daily. Try to beat yourself every time. And those who think that it's not possible to crack an exam without coaching classes, friends, you can focus on the internet materials cause they suffice the day to day changing demands of the exams.

And this was what I was waiting for all these years. Believe me, the Joy that erupted within me when I saw my name in the final list was beyond anyone’s  imagination.

My Interview Experience

Interview Experience NICL AO 2017
Name: Ripunjoy Baruah
Date 9th OCT 2017 (my birthday)
Time Duration 12-15 mins. 

Panel: 3 Male 1 Female

M1: Hello Mr. Baruah Please have a seat.
Me: Thank you, Sir.

M1: So you are from Assam, how you came here?
Me: Sir I work for an IT firm, Tech Mahindra in Hyderabad hence I gave my exam from south zone.

M2: Tech Mahindra is not good?
Me: Yes Sir, It is good but I don’t find myself suitable for an IT Job.

M1: 3 years of experience and you think are not suitable for IT. It contradicts your point.
Me: Sir, I got placed at the campus and it was my 1st job. As my father expired in 2009 and I am the only one to take care of my mother hence I had to take up the job though I had many ambitions.

M1: What is your role in the company? And why do you want to join us and not continue as I see you have a bright future in IT?
Me: Explained my role. Sir 5 years down the line I don’t see myself as a successful IT Engineer. I am not satisfied with my salary and moreover, I work in shift jobs, which affects my health a lot.

F1: What do you think about the insurance sector in India and how can it progress?
Me: Madam, first of all, if we look at developed nations like the US, they focus more on health insurance and the medical facilities provided to the public. On the contrary, our companies focus on profits and indulge more in motor insurance. We need to boost our country towards maximization of health insurance.

M3: What is the difference between Brainstorming and Blamestorming?
Me: Sorry sir, I am not sure but would like to try the answer. Tried but M3 shook his head.

M3: Suppose that you have 5 tasks to do and you can do only 3 what would you do?
Me: As my job has immense authority so mistakes cannot be considered hence I would not overload myself with 5 tasks and rather do those 3 tasks with perfection. (He was expecting my answer that I would give it to juniors, to which I humbly decline and thought about myself, if I was in the hostel I would have done that.)

M3: If you are the manager of a branch and a young AO fights with a Senior and Aged assistant how would you sort out the matter?
Me: Sir, fights take place due to misunderstandings amongst people. Hence I would call them in my cabin and sort out the matter rather than making it the talk of the office due to which situation might become worse.

F1: Okay so how can you as a software engineer be helpful to us?
Me: Madam, I, as a mechanical engineer have a good knowledge of automobile which would give me an upper hand in motor insurance as well as engineering insurance. Above that NICL would train me in all aspects which would make me an abled AO. On top of that, I lead a team of 10 members (White Lie, in 3 years who would become a Lead) in my office hence I do have leading skills.

M3: Okay that’s why (as I mentioned I am a Lead) you answered my last question so diplomatically (wicked grin)
M3: Okay so tell us more about your place Assam and industries there.
Me: Spoke for 3-4 mins.

F1: Do you know about Unions?
Me: Madam, sorry.

F1: Since you work in night shifts, if it is against your will you can contact your worker union and file a case if night shifts are against your wish.
M3: We also have same out here in Insurance. So you can complain against us if you feel we did something wrong to you in this Interview. (he was jolly)
Me: Okay. Madam, I was thinking about set theory union. No Madam night shifts means more allowances so I have to compromise a little for that and Sir, I think I met the most friendly panel one can have, so no complaints.

M1: Your second location preference is Hyderabad? People from north generally don’t like the south.
Me: Sir that’s just a myth. I am pretty much emotionally attached to this place and the people out there so would be glad to serve if given an opportunity.

M3: Very good. Any questions?
Me: No Sir. (thought of mentioning my birthday, but it would have a negative impact)

M1: You may leave.
Me: Goodbye Madam. Good Bye Sirs.

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