LIC AAO & SBI PO Interview Preparation Batch | Join the Ultimate Live Class

exam were conducted for the recruitment  590  and 2000vacancies  respectively that were declared in the official notification. In the official notification, the organization has declared that they will be calling out candidates three times the total vacancies. So approximately 1770 and 6000 candidates will appear for this interview. Interviews are the last step on the ladder but a tricky one. One wrong move and you are out of the race and all the preparations and hard work will come at a halt. Adda247 is here with the Ultimate complete package to prepare you, especially for the LIC AAO and SBI PO Interview.  So you could be in your A-game.

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Points you need to keep in mind while giving an interview:
  • Introducing yourself to the board.
  • The way you interact and body language.
  • Knowledge of the organization you are appearing for.
  • Replying to the questions with appropriate answers.
  • No if's and but's or stuttering
  • Your appearance as a whole: dressing matters.

What you will get in Adda247 Ultimate for Interview?
  1. 15+ Hours of interactive Live Classes. 
  2. Mock Interview Questions and Exercises.
  3. Current Affairs based Exercises
  4. eBooks –  A Guide To Crack Bank Exams Interviews E-Books  
  5. Group Discussion Based Exercises
These batches will completely focus on the LIC AAO and SBI PO, And if we talk about the package, they offer more than 15 hours of live lectures where you can interact with the faculty and clear your query and share your concern before appearing for the interview. As explained the only thing that is between you and your seat in the organization is the interview phase. 

A mock interview will give you an exact idea of the vibes that are shared by the interviewer and the applicant. It will give you a clear cut idea of how you should sit, speak or express yourself. In an interview, you are judged on every aspect, the body language, gestures and most importantly the confidence you express yourself with.

Knowledge is the agenda you will have to forte on your own, though we are here to explain the questions you can expect. Like the current affairs hold importance in all the interviews. One would want to know, how updated and alert you are about your surrounding.

Finally, we have e-books to assist you with the details of all the important aspect of an interview so you can go through it whenever you want to. If you have all these tools no matter how tricky the interviewer is, you will crack the process with ease and confidence, And that is all we want.

Group discussion-based exercise is the added advantage in the SBI PO interview batch.

Price: ₹ 1,999 (LIC AAO Batch)
Validity: 2 Months

Timings for the Daily Classes of LIC AAO Batch are:
1:00 PM to 4:00 PM | Batch 1 (Bilingual)

Price: ₹ 1,999 (SBI PO Batch)
Validity: 2 Months

Timings for the Daily Classes of SBI PO Batch are:
9:00 AM to 12:00 PM | Batch 1 (Bilingual)

Adda247 also launched an Interview plan for LIC AAO and SBI PO which is scheduled from 2nd August to 30th of August, to make you familiar with the complete interview process.

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