5 Reasons Why Prelims Cut Off is High

Dear Readers,

With the advancement in pattern and difficulty level of banking examinations, there is a set trend which we have seen in most of the bank recruitment exams i.e. the cut-off of the Preliminary exam or phase-I of recruitment is nowadays very high. Whether it is clerical cadre or officer level recruitment exam, now with changing dynamics of bank exams don’t be surprised if you find Prelims exam cut off very high and Mains cut off, on the contrary, very low.  With SBI PO Prelims and other bank exams round the corner you might be wondering the reasons why is prelims cut off sky high, and here we give you 5 reasons why!

1. The level of Prelims exam is easier than expectation

Yes, this scenario is true in most of the cases. This new trend has brought a very easy prelims exam and a not so piece of cake mains examination. Thus, when the level of exam prelims exam is usually easier than expectation the cut off is bound to go high.

2. Limited number of Vacancies
The easy level of prelims exam along with fewer vacancies is perfect combination leading to very high cut off in Phase-I of banking recruitment. Specifically, in Clerical or Assistant Cadre recruitment exams where vacancies are divided state-wise, there are less number of seats against an ever increasing number of candidates applying for them.

3. Prelims exams usually have the old-conventional pattern of questions
Although the new and twisted pattern is the prime face in banking recruitment exams but, hold on! the convention pattern is still in the front seat as it is what you’ll most probably face in the Prelims or Phase-I of Banking and Insurance sector recruitment. Candidates are more used to the conventional pattern questions which are generally asked in the Prelims exams, it results in the paper to be relatively much easier thus amounting to very high number of attempts by most of the candidates. 
4. Your competition is smarter than you think
Bank exams attract a huge competition for a limited number of vacancies. Hard workers aiming to be a banker act smartly and by thoroughly testing themselves through mocks and tests are now the smart workers standing against you and your aim to be a banker. This very high level of competition against fewer vacancies and along with a relatively easier prelims exam is a perfect combination as to why you should expect very high cut off in preliminary exam.
5. Prelims are the sieve to strain competition
A government job, good salary and perks with job security are the key factors attracting huge competition every year with graduates from all streams and states. And preliminary examination is the sieve where organisation strain out the bulk of candidates and let only the creamy layer among lakhs of aspirants, the dedicated ones to pass on to the next phase.



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