71st Independence Day: Are we really independent???

Independence day signifies the conception of world’s largest democracy. This day revives all the memories of the freedom struggle of India. The Independence day is still cherished today not only because it proclaimed the independence of a new nation but also because our hearts are bursting with love and respect for our nation.  It’s been 71 years since the independence of India, but there is still a very big question on everyone’s mind, “Are we really free???”

India is still struggling for freedom from a number of social as well as economic problems. Indians will only truly be free when they have equal access to a good job; to a living wage; to education; to time they can spend with their families, and more. Our country is still facing the chill winds of female infanticide, farmers’ suicide, poverty, child labor, surging crime, rapes, corruption, and many more such issues. The circumstances are really sour and we, as responsible citizens, should not turn a blind eye.
It is depressing to see that in a country which gave birth to daughters like Rani Lakshmibai, Indira Gandhi and Bachendari Pal, such great number of female fetuses are being killed every day. India has the largest number of children working as laborers in the world. Women are deleted from public spaces during these festivals because of the fear of harassment. Is this freedom where men can remain free and roam about, but the women cannot??? These issues are just an overview of what is happening in India even after 71 years of independence.
We celebrate our Independence, not only for what it accomplished but for what it still challenges us to do. So, as we enjoy our traditional fifteenth of August activities, it would be good to remember that we’re not done yet. It’s an extraordinary day, to honor the spirit of being independent, and to make the festivities and fanfare all the more significant, it is essential to wake up and stand for the cause of our country. A valuable approach and commitment is all we need to savor the state of being free and independent.
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